Wednesday, 17 October 2018

VIVID - grand show

VIVID a celebration of life, is the new show at Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin.
At the beginning of the show, the little girl R'eye gets separated from her dad and transformed to a android, from now on being non-autonomous but still longing for freedom and trying to break out.
When she finally does, she discovers life completely new and sees beauty in things that we tend to overlook in our day to day lives.
She stands for all of us and that from time to time in life we have to ask ourselves whether we are truly happy with who we are and what we are doing, and if not, make some changes.
Her way towards finding her (new) identity (ID) leads her - amongst many other places - to a guru who shows her beautiful spectacles of colour, through the jungle with all its plants and animals, to a crazy funhouse where there are no rules and to the dangerous danger boys where she looks into the depths of her own soul and risks being hurt. In the end she finally finds back to her father, back to the roots, but transformed and ready to start life as her new and evolved self - with her new identity.
For the first time in the history of the Friedrichstadt-Palast a woman (Krista Monson, Las Vegas) is author and director. Philip Treacy, the famous hatmaker is the design director and created all the headdresses. Costume designer is Stefano Canulli. These three (with the whole team) have put together an absolutely magical show, and we where overwhelmed by the amount of impressions VIVID gave us. There are beautiful colours, wonderful music and singers and fantastic artists who captivated us from the first to the last second.
VIVID truly is a declaration of love to life in all its colours.
VIVID premiered on October 11th 2018 and is planned to play for at least 12 months.

© picture: Jan W√ľnsche

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