Saturday, 15 September 2018

Theater Basel | King Arthur

King Arthur is the first premiere from the season 2018 / 2019, showed with an adapted text by Ewald Palmetshofer after John Dryden.
The Britons and the Saxons are arming themselves for the final battle and young king Arthur and his army will face king Oswalds men in a combat to decide who rules the island.
Oswalds men have spirits and a magician to fight with them while king Arthur has the great magician Merlin. When Arthur leaves for the battle, his lover the blind Emmeline follows him and gets kidnapped by Oswald, who was previously rejected by her.
While Arthur tries to save her the final battle still lays ahead of them and tired of war and all the fighting, both are not really sure about wether they really want to fight it or not.
In this play, all sectors (acting, opera and dancing) work together and it is impressive and carried us away from the first moment, so that the rather long night seemed to pass very quickly.
Ewald Palmetshofer's version is updated in a way that fits the times back then as well as the times today, it is about conflicts and oppression and protest.
It is about love and war, illusion and reality, and the blurred boundaries between this world and an other, magical world.
The different curtains on stage - mainly red - create a special atmosphere and add a baroque touch and change the setup of the stage quickly between the different scenes.
King Arthur was the perfect start into the new season, it was entertaining and thought provoking at the same time, the actors, the dancers, the singers and the orchestra where absolutely outstanding.

musical direction: Christopher Moulds
direction: Stephan Kimmig
dance: Stephan Kimmig and Javier Rodriguez Cobos, Mirko Campigotto, Frank Fannar Pedersen, Raquel Rey Ramos
stage: Katja Hass
costume: Anja Rabes
light: Roland Edrich
choir direction: Michael Clark
dramatic composition: Bettina Fischer, Juliane Luster, Ewald Palmetshofer

Elias Eilinghoff as KING ARTHUR
Steffen Höld as MERLIN
Martin Hug as CONON
Nils Rovira-Muñoz as ALBANACT
Frank Fannar Pedersen as AURELIUS
Javier Rodriguez Cobos as GAWAIN
Mirko Campigotto as A WOUNDED MAN
Lisa Stiegler as EMMELINE
Raquel Rey Ramos as MATILDA
Michael Wächter as OSWALD
Max Mayer as GUILLAMAR
Carina Braunschmidt as PHILIDEL
Vincent Glander as GRIMBALD
Kristina Stanek as PRIEST, SPIRIT
Emanuel Heitz / Hyunjai Marco Lee as PRIEST, SPIRIT, WOUNDED MAN
Riccardo Fassi / Domen Krizaj as PRIEST, SPIRIT, ARTHUR DOUBLE, COLD MAN

choir of the Theater Basel
La Cetra baroque orchestra Basel
extras from the Theater Basel

© picture: Sandra Then

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