Monday, 24 September 2018

Circus Ohlala 2018 | Out of Control

The 8th Circus Ohlala Out of control is all about having control or letting someone else take control over you. When entering, every visitor had to choose between a blue and a red little bag, the red contained a red rubber bracelet which stands for letting someone else take control and the blue contained a blindfold which stands for being in control.
This year the show was more erotic than in the previous years, Gregory Knie dared to have the artists show more skin than ever and still it was not vulgar but very sensual and sophisticated.
The choice of music was perfect and the singer was absolutely brilliant, it was one of our favourite singers at Ohlala so far.
Jimmy Gonzalez' juggling act with clay was something we have never seen before, and it was impressive how he turned his clump of clay in several smaller ones while juggling.
The aerial artists Hampus Jansson and Milena Straczynski (picture above) showed us a very intimate and sensual act, it was beautiful to watch and we could see their love (they are a couple) in every movement.
Out of control is a fantastic show and it ended with a little teaser for next year.

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