Monday, 2 July 2018


The products that are available at Glaslabor are designed by Rahel Koller and each of them is handmade in Bern (Switzerland) by her.
Made from borosilicate glass, the products are available in different sizes, and depending on the season when you purchase yours you get a different flower bulb.
As you can also let anything you want grow in it, we decided to give it a try with an avocado seed, and we were amazed to see that not only one but even two branches started to grow out of the seed.
What we love about the Glaslabor, is how you can see the roots of your plants and you can watch the growing process from the first moment.
The glass can also be cleaned if you take the plant out and put it back in very carefully, but we did not dare to touch our precious avocado seed and we don't mind the little deposits that occured due to the direct sunlight.
The glaslabor vases are a beautiful home accessory for everyone who loves plants but also loves to present them in an unusual way.