Sunday, 10 June 2018

Zirkus Knie 2018 | formidable

This years show "formidable" by Circus Knie was very entertaining, made us laugh, had us astonished and was filled with breathtaking moments.
The Swiss comedian Helga Schneider entertained us from the first minute, the elastic man "Future Man" (Alexandr Batuev) twisted his whole body in every possible direction and the Canadian Duo 2-zen-O in two connected hoops showed us a beautiful choreography connecting their two bodies in a very artistic and at the same time sensual way.  
The act with the Synthetic Swarm drones was something we have never seen before, the combination of music, artistic performance and modern technology, with drones that were flying completely autonomous and in perfect synchrony had something magical.
These are only some of the highlights of the show and the Circus Knie who is famous for their love for animals of course also showed us different impressive animal acts.
Formidable is a wonderful show and the Circus Knie never ceases to surprise us with something new or completely unexpected.

The Circus Knie tours around Switzerland until November and in the French part of Switzerland the comedian will be Marie-Thérèse Porchet.

© pictures: Zirkus Knie

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