Tuesday, 12 June 2018

VOLTA14 Basel 2018

Volta that debuted in 2005 as a collaboration between dealers and friends, is Basel's art fair for new international positions and gives a platform to young international galleries.
Taking place at the same time as the Art Basel and the LISTE, Volta helps the young galleries to aspire and the former COOP distribution center where VOLTA takes place is year is the perfect location for that.
These are some of the artworks that caught our eyes:

Shiu Sheng Hung
Affinity Art Gallery

Anita Groener
Citizen, 2018
Gibbons & Nicholas

Irene Grau
Heike Strelow

Sue Williams A'Court
Desire & Longing, 2017
Le Salon Vert

Ryung Kal
Time and Puzzle, 2016

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