Monday, 11 June 2018

LISTE art fair Basel 2018.

For the 23rd time the LISTE art fair takes place in Basel this year, and offers a platform to young and aspiring galleries to present their art.
This year there are 79 galleries (16 of them show at LISTE for the first time) from 32 countries, that bring to us the artworks of more than 170 different artists.
LISTE is always worth a visit, as it does not only bring to us art from the metropoles but also from regions far removed from art centers.
It is the most important art fair for young galleries and almost every gallery founded after 1996 which is now important in the international art scene has exhibited once in their beginnings at LISTE.
This is only a very small insight in all the Artwork that can be seen at there. The LISTE is in Basel until the 17th June 2018.

gallery: Overduin & Co. Los Angeles

gallery: Temnikova & Kasela

gallery: ├ľktem Aykut, Istanbul

gallery: Frutta, Rome / Glasgow

gallery: raster, Warsaw

gallery: Truth and Consequences, Geneva

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