Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Art Unlimited 2018 | Robert Longo - Death Star II

Death Star II by Robert Longo was created in response to the exponential proliferation of mass shootings in the United States and is a suspended globe, studded with 40'000 full metal jacket bullets. 
The work is a sequel to Longo's original sculpture Death Star and is more than twice as large with more than double the number of bullets, which also reflects the frightening increase in mass shootings in the USA in the past 25 years.
Standing in front of the sculpture is very intimidating, as we are all confronted constantly with the terrible news of mass shootings, and wherever you stand around the sculpture there are always bullets pointing right at you which makes it very aggressive and impressive.
20% of the proceeds from the sale of Death Star II are donated to Everytown for Gun Safety, in order to support efforts to reduce gun violence.

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