Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Art Unlimited 2018 | Barbara Bloom - the tip of the iceberg

Barbara Bloom's installation The tip of the iceberg from 1991 consists of a round table that is lit from below and above. On top of the table is porcelain tableware with the logo of the RMS Titanic. Due to the mirror that is under the table you can see, that the undersides of the dishes are printed with images from the Titanic wreck on the ocean floor. Above the table, there are copies of waste listed by the NASA as being lost or discarded in outer space.
So at the same time we are confronted with something that is as far away as possible from us downwards (under the sea) and as far away as possible upwards (out of space). It makes us feel quite small in the middle and that this distance and transience is represented by such ordinary objects makes it feel even more real.

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