Saturday, 31 March 2018

Robert & Josiane | Miraculous oil for legs

Robert & Josiane's miraculous oil for legs is a massage oil for the legs and the body.
It contains fennel and juniper berries that rejuvenate and tighten the skin and the olive- and sunflower support the skin functions and nourish the skin.
It spreads easily and soaks into the skin very quickly, leaving it nourished and soft but not greasy. It is best used after showering when the skin is still damp, as that way the natural essential oils unfold their effect best.
It has a very fresh and invigorating scent we like a lot and we feel like it really nourishes the skin deeply and even hours later the skin still feels very soft and perfectly cared for.
We like the Robert & Josiane products a lot, as they are completely natural and from very high quality, we feel like their products provide our skin with just everything it needs.