Thursday, 18 January 2018

Theater Basel | Das Recht des Stärkeren (the law of the jungle)

The law of the jungle is a commissioned play by Dominik Busch that was created as part of the playwright development programme "Stück Labor Basel" at the Theater Basel.
The play traces the life story of the Dutch woman Tanja Nijmeijer who is a member of the FARC rebels and is one of the best known faces of the guerilla movement. Dominik Busch combines a rebel's return to her homeland with the story of a Swiss family.
The topic of individuals, companies and countries enriching themselves elsewhere at the expense of the poorest is something that is very current and a topic we think is very important to be made a subject of discussion.
It is not only the exploitation of resources but also of the local population that has tragic consequences and the question of responsibility is only one of the questions that is asked during the play.
The play was very impressive and thought provoking and we think it is very important that the theater also addresses these topics. We liked the production a lot and especially the combination of video installations, music and the different stage settings that really managed to take us to the different places where the play took place.

author: Dominik Busch
direction: Felicitas Brucker
stage: Viva Schudt
costume: Katrin Wolfermann
video: Arved Schultze
dramatic composition: Ewald Palmetshofer

Lisa Stiegler as NADJA
Carina Braunschmidt as ERIKA STUDER, NADJA's MOTHER
Orlando Klaus as SIMON
Steffen Höld as ALVARO
Nicola Fritzen as DIEGO CUARENTA

© pictures: Kim Culetto

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