Friday, 26 October 2018

Theater Basel | Lucia di Lammermoor

At the Theater basel Lucia di Lammermoor by Gaetano Donizetti is produced by Olivier Py, who stages this love story in his very own way.
It is the tragic story of Lucia, who has killed her husband on her wedding night after being forced into this wedding, even though she loves another man, Edgardo. He is her brothers deadly enemy, which is why Lucias brother does everything in his power to manipulate their love story and finally succeeds. But what seems to be a success for him turns out to be a tragedy for everybody involved.
The music is beautiful and very touching and the singers are incredible, the aria in the mad scene is overwhelming.
We really like the stage setting and the little details, like how Lucias room narrows when her brother is around, and how it opens up, when her lover Edgardo arrives, it seems just as everything is possible when they are together.
Also there are a lot of shadowplays, which create a very special and sometimes intimidating atmosphere.
Towards the end when it gets more dramatic, the stage setting gets darker and more impressive too and even though we have seen this opera beofre, this is our favourite production of Lucia di Lammermoor.

musical direction: Giuseppe La Malfa
production: Olivier Py
stage and costume: Pierre-André Weitz
light: Bertrand Killy
choir: Michael Clark
dramatic composition: Juliane Luster

Rosa Feola / Svetlana Moskalenko as LUCIA ASHTON
Hyunjai Marco Lee as LORD ARTURO BUCKLAW
Tassos Apostolou as RAIMONDO BIDEBENT
Ena Pongrac as ALISA
Karl-Hezin Brandt as NORMANNO

dancers: Jonas Furrer, Giuliano Guerrini, Lukas Hofmann, Mirjam Karvat, Ivan Yaher
choir: choir of the Theater Basel
symphony Orchestra Basel

© picture: Sandra Then

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

VIVID - grand show

VIVID a celebration of life, is the new show at Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin.
At the beginning of the show, the little girl R'eye gets separated from her dad and transformed to a android, from now on being non-autonomous but still longing for freedom and trying to break out.
When she finally does, she discovers life completely new and sees beauty in things that we tend to overlook in our day to day lives.
She stands for all of us and that from time to time in life we have to ask ourselves whether we are truly happy with who we are and what we are doing, and if not, make some changes.
Her way towards finding her (new) identity (ID) leads her - amongst many other places - to a guru who shows her beautiful spectacles of colour, through the jungle with all its plants and animals, to a crazy funhouse where there are no rules and to the dangerous danger boys where she looks into the depths of her own soul and risks being hurt. In the end she finally finds back to her father, back to the roots, but transformed and ready to start life as her new and evolved self - with her new identity.
For the first time in the history of the Friedrichstadt-Palast a woman (Krista Monson, Las Vegas) is author and director. Philip Treacy, the famous hatmaker is the design director and created all the headdresses. Costume designer is Stefano Canulli. These three (with the whole team) have put together an absolutely magical show, and we where overwhelmed by the amount of impressions VIVID gave us. There are beautiful colours, wonderful music and singers and fantastic artists who captivated us from the first to the last second.
VIVID truly is a declaration of love to life in all its colours.
VIVID premiered on October 11th 2018 and is planned to play for at least 12 months.

© picture: Jan Wünsche

Monday, 24 September 2018

Circus Ohlala 2018 | Out of Control

The 8th Circus Ohlala Out of control is all about having control or letting someone else take control over you. When entering, every visitor had to choose between a blue and a red little bag, the red contained a red rubber bracelet which stands for letting someone else take control and the blue contained a blindfold which stands for being in control.
This year the show was more erotic than in the previous years, Gregory Knie dared to have the artists show more skin than ever and still it was not vulgar but very sensual and sophisticated.
The choice of music was perfect and the singer was absolutely brilliant, it was one of our favourite singers at Ohlala so far.
Jimmy Gonzalez' juggling act with clay was something we have never seen before, and it was impressive how he turned his clump of clay in several smaller ones while juggling.
The aerial artists Hampus Jansson and Milena Straczynski (picture above) showed us a very intimate and sensual act, it was beautiful to watch and we could see their love (they are a couple) in every movement.
Out of control is a fantastic show and it ended with a little teaser for next year.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Theater Basel | Don't tell the kids

Don't tell the kids is an evening of dance by Richard Wherlock with music by the Velvet Underground.
The choreography is about the family as a very special and delicate system, of which almost countless examples exist.
In this choreography, we can look inside the home of a family and watch them interact with each other and see how they transform, how the relationships between them and another family that visits from time to time change and how the positions of power switch.
It is a choreography about relationships, love, passion and compassion, power and powerlessness.
The dancers are fantastic and the music fits the scene perfectly.

choreography and stage design: Richard Wherlock
costume: Carlijn Petermeijer
light: Roland Heid
music arrangements: Max Zachrisson
dramatic composition: Bettina Fischer

Lisa Horten-Skilbrei
Debora Maiques Marin
Max Ossenberg-Engels
Piran Scott
Andrea Tortosa Vidal
Max Zachrisson

© picture: Lucian Hunziker

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Theater Basel | Tartuffe oder das Schwein der Weisen

In his second play by Molière for the Theater Basel (after der Menschen Feind), Peter Licht rewrites Molière's controversial play Tartuffe, which was promptly banned by Louis XIV after the world premiere in 1664, as the imposter Tartuffe was too obviously an attack on the catholic church.
Molière had to rewrite the play twice.
Staged by Claudia Bauer, Peter Licht creates a new version of the comedy, completely rewrites the whole play, the only thing remaining are the table (under which Orgon will hide later on to expose Tartuffes deception) and Tartuffe, who still is an imposter, and turns out to be "just some kind of regular sex-shaman".
Orgon falls for "Tuffie's" words and submits himself to his influence, to the horror of his relatives, who get intangled from the first minute in conversations about having the urge of leaving the room before having entered it and about wether "Tuffie" is randy, un-randy, or maybe only half-randy.
We really like Peter Lichts style, the way he has the conversations circle around one word for minutes, or how his texts find their way from gender-issues to nasal hair extensions within no-time.
And through all these piled up words sometimes deep messages come through and some of the sentences are like ear worms and get stuck in our heads for weeks, just as his songs that he writes especially for the plays.

PeterLicht: «It’s quite clear that in this world there aren’t only two people telling each other things. There are more than two. That much is certain. Although many things from the set of building blocks from which the world is structured are based on binary arrangements, on the dualistic principle of argument and counter argument, truth and untruth, death and life, one and zero, dick and non-dick, one must not lose sight of the fact that there are more than two players, for example 3 or 4 or 7 or more.  Or a lot MORE. An infinite number. Everyone. One. And then it’s obvious that when a play is presented in the theatre that deals with ALL PLAYERS, there is only ONE play. And that is the play of the ONE PLAYER (or the ONE BRAIN or ONE LIFE) through which the play runs, in other words through you, dear audience. The performance runs through you like a liquid drop of lead through a lump of butter, although in this case it’s not clear who is the lead and who is the butter, and perhaps we shouldn’t talk about liquid lead here but rather a glowing drop of molten gold that sinks through a pat of butter like a consciousness through which awareness sinks like a stone in a state of weightlessness.»

production: Claudia Bauer
stage: Andreas Auerbach
costume: Vanessa Rust
light: Cornelius Hunziker
music: PeterLicht
arrangement and musical direction: Henning Nierstenhöfer
dramatic composition: Constanze Kargl

Katja Jung as MR / MRS PERNELLE
Florian von Manteuffel as ORGON
Myriam Schröder as ELMIRE
Mario Fuchs as DAMIS
Leonie Merlin Young as MARIANE
Max Rothbart as CLÉANTE
Pia Händler as DORINE
Nicola Mastroberardino as TARTUFFE

Henning Nierstenhöfer as filipote / live music
Julian Gresenz as live camera

© picture: Priska Ketterer

Theater Basel | King Arthur

King Arthur is the first premiere from the season 2018 / 2019, showed with an adapted text by Ewald Palmetshofer after John Dryden.
The Britons and the Saxons are arming themselves for the final battle and young king Arthur and his army will face king Oswalds men in a combat to decide who rules the island.
Oswalds men have spirits and a magician to fight with them while king Arthur has the great magician Merlin. When Arthur leaves for the battle, his lover the blind Emmeline follows him and gets kidnapped by Oswald, who was previously rejected by her.
While Arthur tries to save her the final battle still lays ahead of them and tired of war and all the fighting, both are not really sure about wether they really want to fight it or not.
In this play, all sectors (acting, opera and dancing) work together and it is impressive and carried us away from the first moment, so that the rather long night seemed to pass very quickly.
Ewald Palmetshofer's version is updated in a way that fits the times back then as well as the times today, it is about conflicts and oppression and protest.
It is about love and war, illusion and reality, and the blurred boundaries between this world and an other, magical world.
The different curtains on stage - mainly red - create a special atmosphere and add a baroque touch and change the setup of the stage quickly between the different scenes.
King Arthur was the perfect start into the new season, it was entertaining and thought provoking at the same time, the actors, the dancers, the singers and the orchestra where absolutely outstanding.

musical direction: Christopher Moulds
direction: Stephan Kimmig
dance: Stephan Kimmig and Javier Rodriguez Cobos, Mirko Campigotto, Frank Fannar Pedersen, Raquel Rey Ramos
stage: Katja Hass
costume: Anja Rabes
light: Roland Edrich
choir direction: Michael Clark
dramatic composition: Bettina Fischer, Juliane Luster, Ewald Palmetshofer

Elias Eilinghoff as KING ARTHUR
Steffen Höld as MERLIN
Martin Hug as CONON
Nils Rovira-Muñoz as ALBANACT
Frank Fannar Pedersen as AURELIUS
Javier Rodriguez Cobos as GAWAIN
Mirko Campigotto as A WOUNDED MAN
Lisa Stiegler as EMMELINE
Raquel Rey Ramos as MATILDA
Michael Wächter as OSWALD
Max Mayer as GUILLAMAR
Carina Braunschmidt as PHILIDEL
Vincent Glander as GRIMBALD
Kristina Stanek as PRIEST, SPIRIT
Emanuel Heitz / Hyunjai Marco Lee as PRIEST, SPIRIT, WOUNDED MAN
Riccardo Fassi / Domen Krizaj as PRIEST, SPIRIT, ARTHUR DOUBLE, COLD MAN

choir of the Theater Basel
La Cetra baroque orchestra Basel
extras from the Theater Basel

© picture: Sandra Then

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Theaterfestival Basel 2018 | Rasp your soul - Kat Válastur

In Kat Válastur's rasp your soul, the dancer Enrico Ticconi merges with his digital environment, his movements, his words, his actions, everything he does is multiplied, extended or enhanced digitally, in a way that creates an almost stroboscopic sequence of actions and sounds that is very fascinating.
The dancer almost seems to be not human when he moves around the stage in a sometimes even exaggerated way, his words transform into mantras and get louder or slowly fade away, and the whole choreography stays unpredictable from the first to the last second.
Rasp your soul introduces the series "the staggered dances of beauty".

Friday, 31 August 2018

Theaterfestival Basel 2018 | Monument 0: Haunted by wars (1913-2013) - Eszter Salamon

Eszter Salamon's Monument 0: Haunted by wars (1913-2013) is a choreography with dance and singing where she reflects upon the conflicts of 100 years. The choreography is very strong and a bit intimidating, as it plays a lot with darkness and light, and the singing or the sounds used are very intense. It is very captivating and creates a certain tension, as when watching it you get constantly confronted with death and aggression.
For this choreography Eszter Salamon explored more than 60 war dances from all five continents, and the close encounter with all these dances - religious or spiritual - is noticeable during the whole choreography, and is exactly what creates that very special atmosphere that makes the piece so heavy and powerful.

Monday, 2 July 2018


The products that are available at Glaslabor are designed by Rahel Koller and each of them is handmade in Bern (Switzerland) by her.
Made from borosilicate glass, the products are available in different sizes, and depending on the season when you purchase yours you get a different flower bulb.
As you can also let anything you want grow in it, we decided to give it a try with an avocado seed, and we were amazed to see that not only one but even two branches started to grow out of the seed.
What we love about the Glaslabor, is how you can see the roots of your plants and you can watch the growing process from the first moment.
The glass can also be cleaned if you take the plant out and put it back in very carefully, but we did not dare to touch our precious avocado seed and we don't mind the little deposits that occured due to the direct sunlight.
The glaslabor vases are a beautiful home accessory for everyone who loves plants but also loves to present them in an unusual way.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Art Basel 2018 | Looking back

The 49th edition of the art Basel creates once again opportunities to help galleries succeed in a place, where all curators can meet.
This year we saw 290 great galleries from more than 35 countries.
One of our highlights was once again the Art Unlimited, it is amazing how many artists actually show up at the show and how dedicated they are to their art and to reach almost perfection.
We take so many impressions with us after this week and we are looking back on this years art Basel with one smiling and one crying eye.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Art Unlimited 2018 | Jim Hodges - the narrow gate

To see the whole beauty of Jim Hodges the narrow gate, you have to look at it from two sides.
It was specially created for the artists first exhibition "turning pages in the book of love".
It consists of a room within a room, and if you look at it from one side you only see a wooden crate that is illuminated.
Already this creates a kind of mysterious atmosphere and when you walk around it and look through the crack of the wooden crate you can see a fragile glass rose tree that is surrounded by butterflies.
After the strong contrasts of darkness and light from the other side, this view seems even more delicate and precious and we love how this installation gives us the feeling that there is more to things than what you see at first sight.

Art Unlimited 2018 | Lygia Pape - Ttéia 1, B

Ttéeia 1, B by Lygia Pape is one of the works that best synthesizes her artistic process.
Constructed by the geometric installation of goldthreads, Ttéia 1, b creates an incredibly powerful visual effect and charges the space with a sense of the indefinable, the immaterial.
The word Ttéia is an elision of the Portuguese word for web and teteia, a word for a graceful and delicate person or thing.
This installation is so delicate and at the same time so strong and sharp, the closer you get the more you see how fine each of the threads is and the further away you stand the more you can let the whole construction work its magic.

Art Unlimited 2018 | Rashid Johnson - Antoine's Organ

Antoine's Organ consists of a black steel construction that is filled with mainly plants but also books, and other objects. In the centre of this sculptural installation there is a fully functioning piano and the pianist a music producer Antoine Baldwin who is playing it. You don't see that at first sight because the view is blocked by all the plants, but you can always hear it. The music together with the green of these all these plants that create an almost jungle-like atmosphere, has something magical, fascinating and very relaxing.

Art Unlimited 2018 | Claude Viallat - Untitled 1980

In his work from 1980 Claude Viallat uses military awning on which he printed his signature pattern, consisting of the same repeated symbol resembling a small bone. Since 1982 when it was showed at the Pompidou it was never exhibited again until now at the Art Unlimited 2018.
This is one of Viallats most spectacular pieces, the mere size of it is impressive and all the triangles seem to point at the viewer when he stands directly in front of it which makes it seem more narrow to the center and open up more and more towards the further out it goes not only because of the triangular shape but also because of how the three elements are arranged.

Art Unlimited 2018 | José Yaque - Tumba Abierta III

Born in 1986, José Yaque is the youngest artist that exhibits this year at the Art Unlimited. His Tumba Abierta (open tomb) looks like a library, but instead of books it is filled with many different natural elements (plants, seeds, fruits, leaves) that are put into bottles and transmuted through time.
Every bottle is sealed with wax and the artist says about the open tomb that "it is an invitation to see the instrinsic beauty of the constant transfiguration that is also real in ourselves."
It is a beautiful installation and the warm yellow light creates a very cozy atmosphere, so you could really lose track of time in Yaque's open tomb.

Art Unlimited 2018 | Fred Sandback - Untitled (Sculptural Study, Seven-part Triangular Construction) 1982/2011

In this work Fred Sandback uses 21 strands of black acrylic yarn to form seven freestanding triangles. This is one of only two examples in Fred Sandback's work where he uses multiple repeated triangular configurations and the installation is very precise and sharp.
He seems to cut the space in different layers with the yarn and he shapes a form that directly interacts with the viewers "pedestrian space" as he calls it and we like how he uses something as fine as this yarn to create something so large.

Art Unlimited 2018 | Barbara Bloom - the tip of the iceberg

Barbara Bloom's installation The tip of the iceberg from 1991 consists of a round table that is lit from below and above. On top of the table is porcelain tableware with the logo of the RMS Titanic. Due to the mirror that is under the table you can see, that the undersides of the dishes are printed with images from the Titanic wreck on the ocean floor. Above the table, there are copies of waste listed by the NASA as being lost or discarded in outer space.
So at the same time we are confronted with something that is as far away as possible from us downwards (under the sea) and as far away as possible upwards (out of space). It makes us feel quite small in the middle and that this distance and transience is represented by such ordinary objects makes it feel even more real.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Art Unlimited 2018 | Arman - Fleurs 1959 / 2001

Arman's Fleurs is a re-creation by the artist, as the original artwork had to be destroyed after being shown in Nice, as the artist could not afford to store it.
By putting sixty coat racks together in one bulk, he creates an environmental piece, he turns something ordinary into something extraordinary and with the new way you look at it, the item has a completely different meaning.
The symmetry that each coat rack gets even more noticeable when you see them all aligned so perfectly together, which adds an almost military touch to it.

Art Unlimited 2018 | Matthew Barney - Partition 2002 / 2018

Matthew Barney's Partition is a full-scale bar, originally sculpted from petroleum jelly, that has been transformed into a monumental sculpture in cast plastic. The installation is relating to his film Cremaster 3 (2002) and is a combination of the form of a traditional Irish bar with that of a plumb level, which is one of the principal symbolic tools of freemasonry. Barney allowed the latent disintegration to begin before he casted the bar in plastic.
This process of collapse is now fixated in this sculpture, which makes it very interesting to look at, as partly you can still see how sharp and perfect it used to be and partly it has melted to the ground beyond recognition.

Art Unlimited 2018 | Josep Grau-Garriga - Hores de Ilum i de foscor

Josep Grau-Garriga is a pioneer of contemporary textile art and his work Hores de llum i de foscor (hours of light and darkness) from 1986 is a monumental fiber work.
The tapestry is not only composed of cotton, wool, silk and synthetic fiber but also from clothing from his family, which makes the work very personal and emotional.
The tapestry really represents beautifully the change from darkness to light and back to darkness and the longer and closer you look at it the more details you see that make the tapestry as unique as it is.

Art Unlimited 2018 | Sam Giliam - Untitled 2018

Sam Giliams Untitled (2018) was conceived especially for the Art Unlimited 2018 and it occupies a whole room. Fabric in all kinds of colours are suspended from multiple points, dividing the space into a labyrinth-like series of volumes. Sam Giliams is very famous for his "Drape" works and he constantly returns to the form, experiments with new materials and compositions and proves that the medium in art does not have to be flat and on the wall.
The installation has something very vivid and uplifting, and wandering through the fabrics is very intense and you can really get lost in a good way in the different colours.

Art Unlimited 2018 | Robert Longo - Death Star II

Death Star II by Robert Longo was created in response to the exponential proliferation of mass shootings in the United States and is a suspended globe, studded with 40'000 full metal jacket bullets. 
The work is a sequel to Longo's original sculpture Death Star and is more than twice as large with more than double the number of bullets, which also reflects the frightening increase in mass shootings in the USA in the past 25 years.
Standing in front of the sculpture is very intimidating, as we are all confronted constantly with the terrible news of mass shootings, and wherever you stand around the sculpture there are always bullets pointing right at you which makes it very aggressive and impressive.
20% of the proceeds from the sale of Death Star II are donated to Everytown for Gun Safety, in order to support efforts to reduce gun violence.

VOLTA14 Basel 2018

Volta that debuted in 2005 as a collaboration between dealers and friends, is Basel's art fair for new international positions and gives a platform to young international galleries.
Taking place at the same time as the Art Basel and the LISTE, Volta helps the young galleries to aspire and the former COOP distribution center where VOLTA takes place is year is the perfect location for that.
These are some of the artworks that caught our eyes:

Shiu Sheng Hung
Affinity Art Gallery

Anita Groener
Citizen, 2018
Gibbons & Nicholas

Irene Grau
Heike Strelow

Sue Williams A'Court
Desire & Longing, 2017
Le Salon Vert

Ryung Kal
Time and Puzzle, 2016

Monday, 11 June 2018

LISTE art fair Basel 2018.

For the 23rd time the LISTE art fair takes place in Basel this year, and offers a platform to young and aspiring galleries to present their art.
This year there are 79 galleries (16 of them show at LISTE for the first time) from 32 countries, that bring to us the artworks of more than 170 different artists.
LISTE is always worth a visit, as it does not only bring to us art from the metropoles but also from regions far removed from art centers.
It is the most important art fair for young galleries and almost every gallery founded after 1996 which is now important in the international art scene has exhibited once in their beginnings at LISTE.
This is only a very small insight in all the Artwork that can be seen at there. The LISTE is in Basel until the 17th June 2018.

gallery: Overduin & Co. Los Angeles

gallery: Temnikova & Kasela

gallery: Öktem Aykut, Istanbul

gallery: Frutta, Rome / Glasgow

gallery: raster, Warsaw

gallery: Truth and Consequences, Geneva

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Zirkus Knie 2018 | formidable

This years show "formidable" by Circus Knie was very entertaining, made us laugh, had us astonished and was filled with breathtaking moments.
The Swiss comedian Helga Schneider entertained us from the first minute, the elastic man "Future Man" (Alexandr Batuev) twisted his whole body in every possible direction and the Canadian Duo 2-zen-O in two connected hoops showed us a beautiful choreography connecting their two bodies in a very artistic and at the same time sensual way.  
The act with the Synthetic Swarm drones was something we have never seen before, the combination of music, artistic performance and modern technology, with drones that were flying completely autonomous and in perfect synchrony had something magical.
These are only some of the highlights of the show and the Circus Knie who is famous for their love for animals of course also showed us different impressive animal acts.
Formidable is a wonderful show and the Circus Knie never ceases to surprise us with something new or completely unexpected.

The Circus Knie tours around Switzerland until November and in the French part of Switzerland the comedian will be Marie-Thérèse Porchet.

© pictures: Zirkus Knie

Monday, 28 May 2018

Theater Basel | Dancelab 9

 For Dancelab 9, 5 dancers from the ballet ensemble at the Theater Basel present their own choreographies to the subject "shift".

Night Shift by Javier Rodriguez Cobos is a choreography about a nightshift at what seems to be a medical institution. The stage is very clean and clear and a bit futuristic, as well as the costumes of the two dancers. One of them seems to be very bored by her job and the other one very serious about it, but during the choreography we see that the serious one exploits a short moment of being alone to dream in her own little world. The choreography is very entertaining and creative and includes shadow-play and sometimes almost artistic elements that merge into one big glimpse into the nightshift and live of these two girls.

Annabelle Peintre
Lisa Horten-Skilbrei
Christoph Stürchler
Stefan Erny

Chrysalis by Alba Carbonell Castillo is a choreography about the process of change. Accompanied by wonderful music and a great play of light, the choreography is very touching and the way the different dancers interact seems to us like a process in which they pull each other closer, stay together for a little while and sometimes drift apart again, just to get back together into one big group of dancers. We liked the atmosphere and the engergy of the choreography a lot.

dancers: Diego Benito Gutierrez, Florent Mollet, Dévi-Azélia Selly, Andrea Tortosa Vidal, Sidney Elizabeth Turtschi, Max Zachrisson
music: Cornelius Bohn, Beat Frei
light: Lukas Wiedmer
costume: Alba Carbonell Castillo, Relieve

Shift happens by Jorge García Pérez is about technologies that influence us in our lifes every day, and how the abundance of options and connections sometimes leaves us even more confused and lonelier than ever before. The music is very intense, and the outfits are very special and sexy. The choreography is very powerful and thrilling.

dancers: Lydia Caruso, Ismael del Valle, Rubén Bañol Herrera, Lisa Horten-Skilbrei, Anthony Ramiandrisoa, Marina Sanchez Garrigós, Dévi-Azélia Selly, Sidney Elizabeth Turtschi, Max Zachrisson
music: Philip Kannicht, Daniel Pemberton, Scott Roller
music arrangement: Max Zachrisson
video: Permi Jhooti
costume: Patrick Philippe Lecoultre
light: Julian Juarez Castan
choreographic assistant: Tana Rosás Suñé

Axolotl by Debora Maiques Marin is about the animal Axolotl, a type of salamander.
In the choreography one dancer visits a lecture about axolotls, and even just hearing the word somehow transforms both the student and the professor are taken to another world.
It is a very entertaining choreography.

dancers: Diego Benito Gutierrez, Piran Scott, Anthony Ramiandrisoa
music: Charles Bradley, Carter Burwell, Blixa Bargeld / Teho Teardo, Antonio Vivaldi
music arrangement: Christof Stürchler
light: Stefan Erny
costume: Debora Maiques Marin
choreographic assistant: Raquel Rey Ramos

er by Frank Fannar Pedersen is about magic in our lifes and how we can be magicians every day in our own world. The choreography starts with a clown who is following his lost hat and when he finds it again he finds not only one but many hats which he tries on one after the other and every hat has a different effect on him. Already this part of the choreography is very captivating and emotional and after this intro the clown joins a group of clowns, all dancing with their hats and creating their own magic on stage, with all of that leading to one big outburst of joy of living and happiness.
The choreography ends with a short film that is projected directly onto the dancers, closing the story of the lost hat from the beginning.
This choreography was incredibly intense and beautiful and we loved the way the dancers told their story. It triggered many different emotions in us, from pure joy to sadness but it left us delighted and with a very good feeling in our hearts.

dancers: Mirko Campigotto Lydia Caruso Lisa Horten-Skilbrei Gaia Mentoglio Javier Rodriguez Cobos Max Ossenberg-Engels Raquel Rey Ramos Andrea Tortosa Vidal Max Zachrisson
music: Charlie Chaplin, Sigur Rós
music arrangement: Christof Stürchler
video: Rubén Bañol Herrera 
light: Frank Fannar pedersen, Stefan Erny
costume: Frank Fannar Pedersen, Miriam Balli
choreographic assistant: Florent Mollet

All of the choreographies are amazing in their own way and the dancers are brilliant and we enjoyed the dancelab 9 very much.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Theater Basel | The Rake's progress

The rake's progress by Igor Strawinsky plays at the Theater Basel now, produced by Lydia Steier who already produced Donnerstag aus Licht by Karlheinz Stockhausen at the Theater Basel.
The Rakes progress is inspired by the copperplate Series "A rake's progress" by the British painter and engraver William Hogarth.
The opera tells us the story of the young Tom Rakewell, who is in love with Anne Trulove, but still seeks more in the world, he wants to become rich and famous and find a life full of luxury. When Nick Shadow shows up and offers his services, promising him a fortune when he follows him to London, Tom abandons Anne and follows Nick, not considering what the price for his services might be in the end.
He follows him into a world of glamour, crazy parties, art and money and the longer he is in this world the more he realizes that it can not fulfill him. Rather than going back to Anne he continues to search for more and the real purpose of his life, always following Nicks advice. Anne tries to save him but Tom gets lost more and more, he even marries the beardy turkish lady Baba and never doubts anything his friend and servant advises him, until he asks for his tribute - Tom's soul.
The opera is very impressive, colourful and powerful and the singers are fantastic. It mostly takes place in a huge frame that is set up on stage, a reference to the original copperplate series.
The mix of pop art and baroque elements makes the tragic story more colourful and entertaining.
There is so much attention to detail in this production and we liked it a lot.
The music was -as all the characters- very versatile and beautifully played by the orchestra of the Theater Basel, conducted by Kristiina Poska.

musical direction: Kristiina Poska
production: Lydia Steier
stage: Katharina Schlipf
coworker stage: Thomas Unthan
costume: Ursula Kudrna
light: Andreas Grüter
choir: Michael Clark
dramatic composition: Pavel B. Jiracek

Andrew Murphy as TRULOVE
Hailey Clark as ANNE TRULOVE
Matthew Newlin as TOM RAKEWELL
Seth Carico as NICK SHADOW
Theophana Illiewa-Otto as MOTHER GOOSE
Eve-Maud Hubeaux as BABA THE TURK
Karl-Heinz Brandt as SELLEM

© picture: Sandra Then

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Theater Basel | Romulus der Grosse (Romulus the great)

Friedrich Dürrenmatt's play Romulus the great plays at the Theater Basel now, directed by Franz-Yaver Mayr.
Romulus the great, a Roman tyrant who does nothing during his reign but breed chicken, eat and sleep awaits eagerly the day when the Germans finally invade rome and take over the power.
He sees no future for a state that is based on murder, repression and plunder and unlike his wife - who desperately wants to save her homeland he is relaxed and prepared to take whatever will come up to him.
In an incredibly entertaining way the story of Romulus, his family and his entourage is told, facing the national bankruptcy, the terrors of war and the conflict of interests that arises more and more during the evening.
The actors were excellent and as the stage setting was the same during almost the whole evening the light was used very targeted, marking little breaks between different scenes or creating a more comfortable or more threatening atmosphere.
We liked Romulus the great very much, it made us laugh and still we found it to be critical towards the society, facing problems that are still very current today.

direction: Franz-Xaver Mayr
stage: Michela Flück
costume: Korbinian Schmidt
composition: Matija Schellander
light: Tobias Voegelin
sound: Andreas Döbeli, Ralf Holtmann
dramatic composition: Katrin Michaels

Myriam Schröder as JULIA, HIS WIFE
Leonie Merlin Young as REA, HIS DAUGHTER
Florian von Manteuffel as TULLIUS ROTUNDUS & MARES, MINISTER
Nicola Mastroberardino as ACHILLES & PYRAMUS, SERVANT

three chickens (extras from the Theater Basel)

© picture: Kim Culetto

blickfang Basel 2018

The 9th blickfang Basel takes place from May 4-6 2018 at the hall 3 of the Messe Basel.
From the 150 exhibitors, around 60% are new exhibitors that are at the blickfang Basel for the first time. As always the blickfang is about finding inspiration for your own home and life and about having the opportunity to buy unique and limited pieces that are not mass produced. The exhibitors always have the chance to express their own attitude towards the production, consumption and their products, they remain connected to what is important to them and that is what connects us even stronger to the brand, if we find that we can identify with their values and the philosophy behind the product. The blickfang is always worth a visit and beside our must-go-to labels that we have seen at the blickfang many times before (like Jungle Folk) we always discover something new that impresses  or fascinates us. What we love most about the fair is that most of the times you get the chance to get in touch with the designers personally and hear about their inspirations, values and the stories behind their products.

CarrerBikes are luxurious wooden bikes that are handcrafted from exclusive and highest quality woods. The bikes are handcrafted in Italy using traditional Italian artisanal boat building techniques.
The bikes are very strong and endurable and very stylish.

The Zurich based sustainable and fair fashion brand Jungle Folk always surprises us with new beautiful and fashionable pieces that you will love for years and years to come.

Betonist, an arts and crafts atelier from Basel, creates indoor and outdoor home accessoires.
It is impressive how versatile they use concrete and combine it with other materials, to create unique pieces that are not only useful but also an eyecatcher.

Einstoffen is a swiss brand for glasses and sunglasses that also produces shirts and watches. Every piece is designed in Switzerland and produced in small factories in China under controlled and ethnical correct terms and conditions. 

das kleine b is a German brand that produces furniture and home objects in Hamburg, preferably from wood. The shapes are clean and modern, leaving the focus on the item you place inside rather than on the object itself, the object is like a simple yet beautiful frame for whatever you place inside.

Claudia Nabholz produces authentic and individual fashion, designed in Zurich and fairly produced in Thailand. The clothes she creates are unique, timeless and sustainable.