Monday, 13 November 2017

Theater Basel | Esther. Eine Geschichte vom Bruderholz (Esther. A Story from Bruderholz

Esther. A Story from Bruderholz is a monologue by Katrin Hammerl based on the novel Der barmherzige Hügel (the merciful hill) by Lore Berger.
The author Lore Berger from Basel committed suicide at the age of only 21. Her first and only novel was her legacy, telling the story of a young woman, Esther, reflecting upon the society and life in Basel between 1938-1943.
The story is very touching and at the same time shocking, it allows us to participate in Esther's fears, sorrows and experiences in a thought provoking way.
Leonie Merlin Young, as the only actor in Esther. A Story from Bruderholz, is brilliant and captivated us from the first minute.

production: Katrin Hammerl
stage: Anne Wallucks
costume: Katrin Hammerl
video: Tabea Rothfuchs
dramatic composition: Sabrina Hofer

Leonie Merlin Young as ESTHER

© picture: Kim Culetto

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