Friday, 10 November 2017

blickfang Zürich 2017

The blickfang Zurich 2017 was created according to the motto "everything new", at a new location (Stage One in Zurich Oerlikon) and with a completely new concept.
For the first time at the blickfang, there are concept stores that bring together different brands in one room, where they design not only their own stands but the complete room together.
Also there are no more walls between the different stands, one stand is right next to the other without any visible borders which opens up the hall a lot and creates a completely new experience for the visitor.
Beside the concept stores there are two special exhibitions, the Dutch Design with the most innovative and outstanding designs from the Netherlands and blickfang locals with amazing local designers.
From November 10-12 2017 more than 180 designers from all over the world surprise and amaze us with their products and their passion at the fantastic re-invented blickfang Zurich.
As every time when we visit the blickfang what we like most about it is the amount of fair trade, sustainable and conscious fashion and design we can find there, aswell as the possibilty to get in touch with most of the designers personally, which allows us to get to know everything we want about the brand at first hand.

Jungle Folk, concept store Conscious Living (Zurich, CH) 

Anna Saarine, concept store Collage (Zurich, CH)

ping & moos, Dutch Design (Elsloo, NL)

Jacoby (Basel, CH)

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