Thursday, 19 October 2017

Theater Basel | Das Ende von Eddy (The end of eddy)

The end of Eddy is a cross art-form project between theatre and ballet based on the autobiographical novel by Édouard Louis.
The end of Eddy tells the story of his childhood and youth in a village in Northern France.
He experiences on a daily basis what it means to be a homosexual teenager who does not conform to the archaic gender roles. His daily life is characterized by violence, aggression, suppression and mental and physical abuse.
The story is told by one actor and one dancer, who sometimes perform simultaneously and sometimes one after the other.
Both have their own little stage when the performance starts and they leave it during the show, meet each other and separate again.
The end of Eddy was incredibly touching and delicate, the targeted use of light created a very special atmosphere and the music was chosen perfectly.
It was very emotional and a thought-provoking and wonderful production.

production: Thiemo Strutzenberger
choreography: Javier Rodriguez Cobos
stage: Marion Andrea Menzinger
light: Thomas Kleinstück
dramatic composition: Constanze Kargl

actor: Vincent Glander
dancer: Javier Rodriguez Cobos

© picture: Kim Culetto

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