Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Loop Tanz II

Loop Dance II is a dance project by the three choreographers Debora Maiques Marin, Sol Bilbao Lucuix and Javier Rodriguez Cobos with one central topic - relationships. All three choreographers have their own way to approach the topic and each choreography was unique and very different to the others.

Rumours of dust by Debora Maiques Marin

In rumours of dust, Debora Maiques Marin shows how a relationship is influenced by rumours and misunderstandings. the stage is set up like an apartment, which creates a casual everyday atmosphere. For the choreography very different music styles are used and the topic is approached in a powerful way.

Tulpa - if yes how many? by Sol Bilbao Lucuix
Tulpa - if yes how many is about the development of a relationship between a person and an object, how this relationship evolves and how it influences the person.
The choreography is very calm but still very impressive and emotional, the dancer plays, fights and dances with a huge white object of fabric filled with air that sometimes covers her completely and they seem as one and sometimes they are separated from each other with her trying to find her way back to it or around it.
The choreography was very captivating and moving.

Brother from another Mother by Javier Rodriguez Cobos
In Brother from another Mother Javier Rodriguez Cobos shows us the reality of todays friendships, in times of social media and in times of being available and online constantly and how this new dynamic has changed our friendships, or has it?
With spoken dialogues, sound effects and different songs the choreography was very versatile and lively.
In a very entertaining and humorous but still serious and deep way he approaches the subject and from the first moment his choreography was captivating and touched us deeply.

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