Saturday, 23 September 2017

Circus Ohlala 2017 | 7 senses

The 7th Circus Ohlala was dedicated entirely to not only the 5 but to 7 senses.
Live, Touch, Feel, Taste, See, Hear and Smell, the show promises to stimulate all of these senses and never ceases to impress.
As always the live music was fantastic, the singer Mimi (Miriam Barber Rueda) caught us form the first moment with her wonderful voice.
The artists were breathtaking and we enjoyed the show very much.
Amongst all the amazing artists these are some of our favourite acts:

Duo Sienna - Aerial hoop
The Duo Sienna with their ring acrobatics showed us an incredibly sensual and powerful act, it was captivating from the first second and all their movements were very elegant and fluid. It seemed like the two were one, showing us their weightless dance up in the air, leaving the world behind.

Svetlana & Yulia - water acrobatics

The act of the two women was very erotic and sensual, all of the dancers were dancing around them on the ground in white underwear and the two artists showed us their tricks, doing incredible acrobatics with their body, diving through the glass bowl, performing something like a hot water ballet. The see through water bowl made it possible to see all of their movements and the act was really amazing.

The dancers of the Circus Ohlala presented us a great show during the whole evening but we especially liked the very arty act with the neon colours. At first the bodies were almost invisible except for the neon wigs but the more colour they added to their skin the more we were able to see their movements and their choreography.

This year the Swiss DJ Mr. Da-Nos created a special song "Ohlala" for the show, which he performs live during each show.
The Circus Ohlala 2017 plays until the 22nd October 2017 at the Air Force Center in Dübendorf.

© pictures: Lukas Pitsch/Nikon

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