Thursday, 27 July 2017

How to reduce waste - in cooperation with LUSH Switzerland

This year, LUSH Switzerland has started many different projects to reduce waste and to make people more aware of the subject of waste.
We have also decided to give it a try and start a zero waste week.
There are many different ways to reduce the waste we produce, one of the easiest way is to stop buying plastic bags at stores and bring your own bags from home.
Another easy way, is to use reusable bottles and bring your drinks from home, that way you won't have to buy drinks in plastic bottles and you can make your own favourite drink and have it with you all the time. Also if you bring your own bottle or tumbler you get a discount at many coffee places for take away drinks.
Something that always produces a lot of waste is cosmetics and personal hygiene.
Fortunately LUSH offers a wide range of products that don't produce any waste.
During this week we have tried to use only these products and replace as many of our regular products as possible with the zero waste products. The five products we have found to be most useful  and effective are these:

(from left to right)

Outback Mate
This wonderful soap has a wonderfully refreshing and uplifting scent of eucalyptus and peppermint it leaves the skin soft, cleansed and refreshed.

Seanik is one of the shampoo bars, it cleanses the hair gently and thoroughly and leaves the hair shiny, soft and voluminous. The fresh scent of lemon oil in combination with the floral scent of jasmine and mimosa create a wonderfully fresh and tender scent we like a lot. Also we have realized that it reduces frizz and detangles the hair even without a conditioner.

We were always rather skeptical towards solid deodorants but the aromaco really is very effective. Without any harmful ingredients, it works great and doesn't smell too strong.
It contains witch hazel, chamomile vinegar and patchouli.

Fresh Farmacy
This mild facial soap cleanses the skin very gently and has a soothing and balancing effect on the skin. It reduces irritations and we love how purified, nourished and soft the skin feels after using it and how it has a calming effect on the skin.
It contains chamomile blue oil, lavender oil and rose absolute which creates a tender and slightly floral scent we like a lot.

Full of Grace
Full of Grace is a deeply moisturizing facial serum on solid form that will nourish the skin deeply and leaves it soft and gently cared for.
Just like the fresh farmacy it contains calamine powder and chamomile blue oil, it protects and nourishes the skin without leaving it greasy or heavy.
After using it for a while, the skin feels very healthy, soft and soothed.
Just like Fresh Farmacy it also lasts forever.

Throughout this week we have done some research and we have found out that there are many examples online of people who live like this their whole live and don't produce any trash at all or as little as possible. We find it hard to produce zero trash, but very easy to reduce the amount of trash. If all of us would just be a little more conscious about trash and try to use as many re-usable products as possible it would already make a big difference. There is an endless amount of tips online on how to reduce waste and also there are more and more zero-waste grocery stores, where you can purchase food, cosmetics and much more without packaging and simply bring your own container to fill with the things you would like to purchase. That way you can also avoid purchasing too much and just buy as much as you will be able to use before it goes to waste.

our short list of some easy ways to reduce trash in your every day life without much effort:
- use fabric bags instead of paper or plastic bags
- bring your own drinks from home
- try to make drinks you like yourself instead of purchasing them at a store, for example smoothies or lemonade - it is not only more environmentally friendly but also less expensive and healthier
- bring your own bottle or tupperware for take away drinks or food
- never use disposable tableware
- use cosmetics without unnecessary packaging
- if possible always choose the unpacked option (for example fruit, vegetables, bread etc.)

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Basel Tattoo 2017 | feel the beat

Feel the beat, the Basel Tattoo 2017 has more than 1000 participants from all over the world.
Feel the Beat is a musical world tour and the different formations guide the audience through their countries from Switzerland, to Italy, Russia, America, New Zealand and many more in an entertaining, touching and breathtaking way.

The Igor Moiseyev State Academic Ensemble from Russia presented us their incredible choreography, it is only the second time ever they dance somewhere else than on their usual stage and it was absolutely breathtaking,

The Musique des Sapeurs-Pompiers de Paris from France usually play at ceremonies of the firefighters and other military celebrations, their show is musically on a very high level, they played many modern songs and it was very catchy, it is diverse and very entertaining.

The Massed Pipes and Drums is a formation consisting of more than 200 bagpipers and drummers from groups from all over the world, their playing was incredibly impressive and very powerful.

The band of recruits from the Swiss army presented us a fantastic show with wonderful music that made us laugh and brought a certain "Swissness" to the show.

It was once again wonderful to see the courtyard of the Kaserne (barrack) in Basel get turned into a scene of formations from all four continents, with amazing choreographies, breathtaking music and a unity of people from all over the world.

Monday, 3 July 2017

THE ONE Grand Show

For "THE ONE" Parisian fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier has designed over 500 costumes for the more than 100 performers.
The show featuring live music, dance, special effects and acrobatics does not have an explicit narrative structure but represents the dream of a young man who is looking for his one true love. The opening scene is an underground party in an old shut down theater (for which the designer was inspired by several visits at the club Berghain in Berlin) and the show then takes the young man from one place to another.
The show is incredibly complex and the special effects with the lights, waterfalls of gold dust or rain on stage were incredible. The acrobats were breathtaking and for us one of the highlights of the show is the incredibly long girl's row.
THE ONE Grand Show at the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin is very colourful and artistic, we absolutely loved the diversity of the costumes and the song of the opening scene and the finale is very catchy and hard to forget.