Friday, 16 June 2017

Art Unlimited | Sylvie Fleury - Skylark

For her work Skylar from 1992, Sylvie Fleury uses her golden Skylark (that she has used for many different works before) as the central piece. Often seen as a macho status symbol, the Skylark is transformed into a glamorous accessory in this installation. The scattered make-up on the floor reminds us of when she used her Skylark to crush make-up scattered on the floor in "Drastic Makeup" and inside the car there are a woman's belongings, sunglasses, magazines, gloves lying hazardly on the front seat.
The 1960s garage-girl-band songs that are playing create a very special atmosphere and make it seem as the woman who was driving the car has just left and will be back any moment.

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