Thursday, 15 June 2017

Art Unlimited 2017 | Philippe Parreno - Fraught Times: For Eleven Months of the Year it's an Artwork and in December it's Christmas (July)

This work by Philippe Parreno is part of his series Fraught Times - 11 cast stainless steel trees in total. Each tree in the series is unique and the trees are titled after 11 months of the year, excluding December, as this is the month when the object stops being an artwork and becomes a Christmas tree.
Fraught Times plays with the fact that an object is affected by the seasons and that its meaning changes along with the seasons.
July is the largest tree of the series.
We find it interesting that outside the context of Christmas, a fully decorated Christmas tree has something almost absurd to it and may even seem inappropriate - or as the artist suggests, it can just be looked at as an artwork.

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