Thursday, 15 June 2017

Art Unlimited 2017 | Peter Regli - Reality Hacking No. 313

Peter Regli's Reality Hacking series is an ongoing series that places artworks in incongruous contexts and explores the poetics of banality and the sublimity of quotidian objects.
He seeks to challenge the viewer by interrupting his every-day routines with moments of surprise.
The five monumental pillars are carved from wood with a chainsaw and invite reconsiderations of each forms specific history.
The three columns are architectural elements, the bear and the phallus natural, strong and masculine elements.
Reality Hacking No. 313 is an incredibly impressive installation, especially because of the massive height and with the use of wood as a very strong and natural material. It leaves it up to every viewer to speculate on why the artist has chosen this composition of pillars.

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