Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Art Unlimited 2017 | Donna Huanca - Bliss (reality check)

Donna Huanca's Bliss (reality check) is a performance work from 2017 on view for the duration of Art Basel.
The installation consists of two performers, the bodies painted by the artist herself, that are on a platform covered with sand. With them on the platform are two corporal sculptures and a glass wall with colour on it. The performers are encouraged to respond to the installation and leave their traces on the stage. That way the stage changes during each performance.
Beside the visual performance there are sounds playing and as one of the speakers is under the platform the performers can also feel the vibrations of the sound. There is also a very special scent in the air, a mix of wood and oils, especially created by Donna Huanca for this performance work.
Bliss is a very special and intense performance, especially because of the stillness and tension between the performer and the object. We feel like there is very much to observe and to experience in this artwork.

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