Thursday, 29 June 2017

L:A Bruket | Tvål body wash No. 104 Bergamot / Patchouli

Basis of the philosophy of the Swedish brand L:A BRUKET is to take care not only for the body and the skin but also for nature and the environment. The products are created to nourish, protect, soften and heal the skin worn by the sea, the coast and the salt, or any other environmental influences. The ingredients come from the sea and from land and the products are as organic and environmentally friendly as possible.
The L:A Bruket Tvål No. 104 Bergamot / Patchouli is a highly moisturizing body wash that gently cleanses and soothes the skin while nourishing it with highest quality natural and organic ingredients.
The essential oils from bergamot and patchouli create a wonderful fresh scent that is stimulating and refreshing.
The body wash creates a very gentle foam on the skin and a little goes a long way, it leaves the skin soft, purified and nourished. We like how the refreshing scent lingers on the skin for quite a while after using the body wash.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Art Basel 2017 | looking back

Blum & Poe
Sam Durant
They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds(2016)

The art week in Basel has gone by so quickly and once again we are looking back on a very inspirational, critical, creative, political and colourful week.

Art Basel Artworks:
These are some of the artworks that caught our eyes in the galleries at the Art Basel.

We always love the Art Unlimited, with the huge installations. Every artwork is unique and has its own message. These are some of the works at this years Art Unlimited

We have so many impressions, not only from the art Basel but also from the parallel fairs taking place at the same week.

Beautiful and extraordinary furniture and design at the Design Miami:

The LISTE art fair for young artists and galleries:

The scope art fair at the Clarahuus in Basel:

It was a busy week and full of impressions and we are already now looking forward to next year, when the artworld visits Basel again.

Regen Projects
Jack Pierson

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Art Basel 2017 | Artworks VI

Galerie Haas
Alfred Jensen
There Came into Being - Per IV - Penetration, 1959

Richard Gray Gallery
Andy Warhol
Jackie, 1964

Richard Gray Gallery
Francis Picabia
couple de monstres, c. 1924-1927

Kukje gallery seoul / Tina Kim Gallery New York
Lee Ufan
From Line (No. 790141), 1979

Annemarie Verna Galerie
Ree Morton
Don't worry, i'll only read you the good parts, 1975

Art Unlimited 2017 | Susan Hiller - Die Gedanken sind frei

Susan Hillers' installation Die Gedanken sind frei (thoughts are free) is a sculptural display of 100 political songs from different cultures, political movements and eras she had personally collected. In the middle of the installation stands a customized Wurlitzer "one more time" walnut juke-box that plays the songs.
The visitor can either select a song or listen to the choices of others. The walls of the room are covered with the lyrics of each song and next to the headphones there is a fully illustrated Song book filled with the lyrics, texts and images selected by the artist.
We think this is a wonderful work as music can unite people and the songs are now more relevant than ever. Sitting in her installation and listening to the music, every visitor is encouraged to think about the lyrics and the meaning it has for him or her.

Art Unlimited 2017 | Gabriel Kuri - shelter

Gabriel Kuri's shelter is one of his largest installations so far, consisting of an inventory of oversized possessions.
The themes of the installation are shelter, economics, disaster and housing, themes that are nowadays as current as ever especially in light of the ongoing international refugee crisis.
We like how this installation tells us a story and confronts us with the different aspects of possession, clothes, money, a place to sleep etc.

Art Unlimited 2017 | Marwan Rechmaoui - Blazon

In Blazon Marwan Rechmaoui was inspired by the geography and complex multicultural history of Beirut reflecting on themes of urbanization and contemporary social and behavioral demographics.
For this work he created a coat of arms and banners corresponding to each city district.
With his work, he helps the viewer to understand the city in a way that goes beyond the constructs of maps and boarders, with everything that shook and shaped the city.

Art Unlimited 2017 | Sue Williamson - Messages from the Atlantic Passage

Sue Williamson's Messages from the Atlantic Passage is a very impressive and thought-provoking installation based on accumulated records of the history of slavery from the 16th to the 19th century.
Rope fishing nets are suspended from the ceiling above pools and there is water constantly dripping from the bottles down into the pools. Each of the fishing nets is filled with glass bottles that contain traces of earth. Each bottle is hand-engraved with information about a different slave, like the name, country of origin, a ship, a plantation, an owner, a price.
Without even knowing a number the amount of bottles is huge, and while looking at it we all know that this is not even a fraction of the actual number of people affected by slavery which makes the artwork even more oppressing.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Art Basel 2017 | Artworks V

Richard Gray Gallery
Jim Dine
Dogwood Spring, 2008

Bärbel Grässlin
Albert Oehlen
Ohne Titel, 1989

Bernard Jacobson Gallery
Sam Francis
Blue Balls (SF62-128), 1962

Galerie Karsten Greve AG St. Moritz
Joan Miró
tête de femme, 1966

Julian Schnabel
Untitled, 2015

Art Unlimited 2017 | Boris Mikhailov - Yesterday's Sandwich

Yesterday's Sandwich by Boris Mikhailov was one of his first series from the 1960s-1970s.
It consists of images that are lapped over one another, presenting us the double world of Soviet drudgery, sex, beauty, war and everyday live. At the time of their making, these photographs could not be shown publicly.
We love how each of the pictures is very unique and mixes normal everyday snapshots with extraordinary elements, creating erotic, meaningful and sometimes bizarre images.

Art Unlimited 2017 | Mac Adams - the bathroom

Mac Adams' the bathroom immediately makes you wonder what happened in this bathroom. A bathroom is an absolutely normal everyday life place, but in this bathroom there is nothing normal, it is abandoned, things are scattered across the floor and the bathtub is full but the water is still running.
The scent of fragrance in the air is as unsettling as the almost empty wine glass, because it implies that someone must have been in the room just a moment ago.
Mac Adams likes to play with fictional environments which involve a crime or at least the assumption that a crime might have happened there.
We think this is a very impressive installation because it also triggers a primal fear, to have something terrible happen to you in your familiar environment, in your own personal safe space.

Art Unlimited 2017 | Cild Meireles - Amerikkka

Cildo Meireles' work Amerikkka was conceived for a quincentennial exhibition on the discovery of America by Columbus in 1942. Viewers are invited to walk across the installation, if they do so they walk over 20000 white wooden eggs set into a red floor, with 40000 hollow golden bullets above their heads.
The kkk in the name of the installation stands for the Ku Klux Klan that espouses white supremacy and the use of extreme violence.
The installation is narrower on one ending than on the other, therefore depending on from which side the viewer enters it may seem to be closing or opening up.
For us the installation has something very vulnerable to it, as eggs represent something very delicate and the beginning of something and the bullets something violent and destruction.

Art Unlimited 2017 | Phyllida Barlow - untitled: 100 banners2015

Phyllida Barlow's untitled: 100 banners2015 is an installation of brightly coloured fabric banners that are placed so close to one another that it is impossible to pass through and even hard to see through.
The banners, that are usually used in context of wars or demonstrations, are here left completely unadorned. The mere number of banners may be intimidating on the viewer, but at the same time due to the different and bright colours the installation has something very alive, peaceful and almost happy to it. The sandbags on the other hand add some heaviness to the installation, reminding us of the original purpose of the banners.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Art Basel 2017 | Artworks IV

Li Songsong
Knife play, 2016

Edward Tyler Nahem
Tom Wesselmann
Drawing for nude on a couch, 1971

Stephen Friedman Gallery
Luiz Zerbini
Corifa Japonesa, 2016

Vera Munro
Janis Avotins
Dancing girl I, 2017

Matt Saunders
Ratlos / Indomitable, 2017

Art Unlimited 2017 | Markus Schinwald - Maschine

Markus Schinwald's Maschine is an installation of six different machines utilizing the mechanics found in historical clockwork. Each of the machines is placed inside a rectangle that functions as a frame.
The machines inside are triggered by the movement of visitors to the installation and respond to a specific pace and sound.
Therefore there is a strong contrast between the moving machines on the inside and the still frame surrounding the machines.
Schinwald's work reconfigures the relations between objects and bodies, movements and stillness.

Art Unlimited 2017 | Paolo Icaro - Foresta metallica / metallic forest

Paolo Icaro's work Foresta metallica / metallic forest from 1967 was created in his studio on the sixth floor of an industrial building at 53 Greene Street in SoHo.
He likes to work with large, empty spaces and transform them into sculpture, therefore the boarders between life and work and the place of labor and the place of the work are blurred.
Through his work foresta metallica he conquers the space, creating a mixture of sculpture and architecture that both occupies and dematerializes space.
We like the contrast of the bright and light acid-green colour and the heavy steel, as we think it gives the work a certain lightness and heaviness at the same time.

Art Unlimited 2017 | Anicka Yi - Skype Sweater

In the center of Anicka Yi's installation Skype Sweater from 2010-2017 there is a military parachute filled with air, that not only stands for passage but also as a metaphor for forced displacement and human trafficking, in this piece specifically for Sister Ping and her notorious smuggling of Fujianese immigrants into New York's chinatown in the 80s and 90s.
Inside the transparent Longchamp bag is a literal cow stomach in hair gel, a reference to digestion and her fascination for the metabolic system.
Yi has always sought to explore effects of passage and transformation and we think Skype Sweater unites these subjects in every way.

Art Unlimited | Sylvie Fleury - Skylark

For her work Skylar from 1992, Sylvie Fleury uses her golden Skylark (that she has used for many different works before) as the central piece. Often seen as a macho status symbol, the Skylark is transformed into a glamorous accessory in this installation. The scattered make-up on the floor reminds us of when she used her Skylark to crush make-up scattered on the floor in "Drastic Makeup" and inside the car there are a woman's belongings, sunglasses, magazines, gloves lying hazardly on the front seat.
The 1960s garage-girl-band songs that are playing create a very special atmosphere and make it seem as the woman who was driving the car has just left and will be back any moment.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Art Basel 2017 | Artworks III

Pace/Macgill Gallery
Irving Penn
Balenciaga "little great coat" (Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn), Paris, 1950 

Ghada Amer
The Angels, 2006

Lisson Gallery
Ulay/Marina Abramovic (b.)
Imponderabilia, 1977 / 2017

Xavier Hufkens
Tracey Emin
I became your world, 2016-2017

Alexander and Bonin
Mona Hatoum
Over my dead body, 1988-2002

Art Unlimited 2017 | Doug Aitken - underwater pavillons

In December 2016 Doug Aitken has moored three geometric mirrored sculptures to the ocean floor off Catalina Island in California.
Their environments reflect light through the mirrored kaleidoscopic interiors and on their rock-like surfaces they even harbor ocean life.
The three-screen video installation takes the viewer to the sculpture and connects him to the expanse of the ocean.
During the almost 7 minutes long video we can see how the sculptures are lowered into the sea and then observe the sculptures under water, we see a fascinating play of light, animals and divers from different perspectives.
This is an absolutely beautiful and very calm work and we really got lost while watching Aitken's underwater pavillons.

Art Unlimited 2017 | FORT - Leck

For their work Leck the Berlin based art duo FORT (Alberta Niemann and Jenny Kropp) used the complete furnishings of a branch of former German chain store Schlecker that was completely shut down in Germany in 2012. It was not only an economic but also a personal disaster as all 50'000 employees were dismissed and abandoned.
The store is completely empty and seems dead but the checkout belt runs aimlessly, creating a constant mechanical noise.
We like this critical work a lot as it is very thought-provoking and for us walking through the store was disturbing as it is something very unnatural to walk through a completely empty store.

Art Unlimited 2017 | Peter Regli - Reality Hacking No. 313

Peter Regli's Reality Hacking series is an ongoing series that places artworks in incongruous contexts and explores the poetics of banality and the sublimity of quotidian objects.
He seeks to challenge the viewer by interrupting his every-day routines with moments of surprise.
The five monumental pillars are carved from wood with a chainsaw and invite reconsiderations of each forms specific history.
The three columns are architectural elements, the bear and the phallus natural, strong and masculine elements.
Reality Hacking No. 313 is an incredibly impressive installation, especially because of the massive height and with the use of wood as a very strong and natural material. It leaves it up to every viewer to speculate on why the artist has chosen this composition of pillars.

Art Unlimited 2017 | Philippe Parreno - Fraught Times: For Eleven Months of the Year it's an Artwork and in December it's Christmas (July)

This work by Philippe Parreno is part of his series Fraught Times - 11 cast stainless steel trees in total. Each tree in the series is unique and the trees are titled after 11 months of the year, excluding December, as this is the month when the object stops being an artwork and becomes a Christmas tree.
Fraught Times plays with the fact that an object is affected by the seasons and that its meaning changes along with the seasons.
July is the largest tree of the series.
We find it interesting that outside the context of Christmas, a fully decorated Christmas tree has something almost absurd to it and may even seem inappropriate - or as the artist suggests, it can just be looked at as an artwork.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Art Basel 2017 | Artworks II

Apostolos Georgiou

Hauser & Wirth
Marcel Duchamp
Bottle Dryer (bottlerack), 1914(original, lost), 1964 (replica)

Galerie Karsten Greve AG St. Moritz
Louis Soutter
Crépuscule du gangster, 1937-1942

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery
Tomas Saraceno
Foam 68p/Mn, 2017

Casey Kaplan
Jordan Casteel

Art Unlimited 2017 | Andrea Bowers - A Call to Arms: Building a Fem Army

A Call to Arms: Building a Fem Army by Andrea Bowers is a monumental drawing composed of three political illustrations of strong female figures from the 1970s and 1980s. For this artwork she took the women from their original context and created this powerful new composition that calls for a feminist revolution.
The three posters that served as the sources for this drawing are:
Ann Grifalconi's illustration of Sojourner Truth from 1971
The international Marxist Group's poster representing revolution and women's liberation as inextricable
Rafael Enriquez Vega's 'El Salvador' Cuban poster for the organization of solidarity with the people of Asia, Africa and Latin America from 1984.
In Bowers' A Call to Arms: Building a Fem Army the central figure of the work wears a shirt with the symbol of transgender empowerment.
We not only see this work as a symbol of empowerment for women, but as a symbol of equality, that everyone should be equal, no matter their gender, sexuality or race.

Art Unlimited 2017 | Donna Huanca - Bliss (reality check)

Donna Huanca's Bliss (reality check) is a performance work from 2017 on view for the duration of Art Basel.
The installation consists of two performers, the bodies painted by the artist herself, that are on a platform covered with sand. With them on the platform are two corporal sculptures and a glass wall with colour on it. The performers are encouraged to respond to the installation and leave their traces on the stage. That way the stage changes during each performance.
Beside the visual performance there are sounds playing and as one of the speakers is under the platform the performers can also feel the vibrations of the sound. There is also a very special scent in the air, a mix of wood and oils, especially created by Donna Huanca for this performance work.
Bliss is a very special and intense performance, especially because of the stillness and tension between the performer and the object. We feel like there is very much to observe and to experience in this artwork.

Art Unlimited 2017 | Giulio Paolini - Hortus clausus

In Giulio Paolini's Hortus Clausus (secret garden), a man dressed in 17th century clothes gazes at canvases that are scattered around him on the floor.
The gaze is represented by four elastic threads that extend from his eyes directly to the canvases. On them are pencilled images, showing us how the work is in progress and how images may have arisen or are in the process of being created. The gold dust surrounding the canvases can symbolize the endlessness (richness?) of ideas and the infinite possibilities of the artwork.

Art Unlimited 2017 | Subodh Gupta - Cooking the World

Subodh Gupta's installation cooking the world is a house completely made of used cooking pots that is accompanied by a cooking and eating performance, in which food will be prepared by the artist and consumed by the viewer.
The artist bought all of the pots from families in India, who used to cook with them, and each of them has its individual history.
Cooking the world is a work on the rituals and symbolism of food consumption which makes us think about the importance and symbolic meaning of sharing a meal together.
We think this work is now more important than ever with the insane waste of food in the first world countries and terrible famines in third world countries.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Art Basel 2017 | Artworks I

Annemarie Verna Galerie
Glen Rubsamen
Kimbo (2013)

Stephen Friedman Gallery
Jim Hodges
"Julie's Green II (old growth Oregon sideways) always" 2017

Christopher Wool
East Broadway run down (P291), 1999
Michael Werner
Hurvin Anderson
Untitled, 2017

Marian Goodman Gallery
William Kentridge
The execution of Maximilian, 2017