Friday, 19 May 2017

Theater Basel | Peer Gynt

Peer Gynt, a ballett by John Inger with music by Edvard Grieg plays at the Theater Basel now. Based on Ibsens poem, Peer Gynt is a story about the power of imagination. After seducing the bride, the peasant's son Peer Gynt gets excluded from the village. He then leaves his love Solveig and starts to travel around the world, restlessly searching for love, always looking for something new or something even better. It is only when he is very old, when he realizes what is really important and what he has lost along the way.
The stage is fantastic, as the setting changes in every scene through pull-out props positioned on each side of the stage. The dancers are very strong and also the live music ist absolutely beautiful!
We loved the way the production stages topics like the search for love, the meaning of live and the power of imagination in an almost magical and yet very modern way.
It is a fabulous ballet and we got carried away from the first minute.

choreography: Johan Inger
musical direction: Thomas Herzog
stage: Curt Allen Wilmer
costume: Catherine Voeffray
light: Tom Visser
dramatic composition: Gregor Acuña-Pohl, Bettina Fischer

Frank Fannar Pedersen as PEER GYNT
Sergion Bustinduy as AASE
Annabelle Peintre as INGRID
Florent Mollet as THE GROOM
Ayako Nakano as THE BRIDE'S MOTHER
Julian Juarez Castan as THE GROOM'S FATHER
Max Zachrisson as MATS EK, THE TROLL KING
Andrea Tortosa Vidal as THE GIRL IN GREEN
Sol Bilbao Lucuix, Tana Rosás Suñé, Dévi-Azélia Selly as THE THREE MILKMAIDS
Armando Braswell as THE CROOKED
Jorge García Pérez as ASLAK, THE BLACKSMITH
Diego Benito Gutierrez, Anthony Ramiandrisoa, Raquel Rey Ramos, Javier Rodriguez Cobos, Andrea Tortosa Vidal as THE GAMLA BARN DANCERS
Alba Carbonell Castillo, Lydia Caruso, Debora Maiques Marin as THE THREE DANCERS AT THE AUDITION
Debora Maiques Marin as ANITRA
Ye Eun Choi, Stefanie Knorr as SOLVEIG
Philippe Flad, David Högsberg as THE YOUNG PEER
Vincent Brunel as THE VIOLINIST

dancers from the ballet Theater Basel
choir from the Theater Basel
symphony orchestra Basel
A singer from the opera studio OperAvenir

© picture: Ismael Lorenzo

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