Thursday, 11 May 2017

Theater Basel | Idomeneus

Idomeneus, a play by Roland Schimmelpfennig plays at the Theater Basel now for the first time in Switzerland.
From the first minute the play is very intense, in the first scene the actors are standing very close together as one coated crowd and they speak, whisper and shout together as one chorus, only illuminated by a dimmed light.
The use of light and darkness is very strong in this play and at the back wall there are led-lights arranged in a circle that create emoticons and other symbols to emphasize the mood in the different scenes of the play.
The Greek King Idomeneus who runs into a storm with his men after winning the Trojan war, makes a pact with a voice from the gods to kill the first creature he meets when he survives the storm and reaches Crete. As the first creature he sees is his own son the promise seems impossible to keep.
The end of the story is not clear and the play offers us different versions of Idomeneus' fate and leaves it open to the audience to decide.
It is very impressive how the actors work together in this play and the rhythm and the strong precise language create a very captivating atmosphere.

production: Miloš Lolić
stage: Evi Bauer
costume: Jelena Miletić
composition: Nevena Glušica
light: Roland Heid Stefan Erny
dramatic composition: Almut Wagner

Cathrin Störmer, Thomas Reisinger, Barbara Horvath, Elias Eilinghoff, Katja Jung, Urs Peter Halter, Liliane Amuat, Thomas Reisinger, Michael Wächter, Lisa Stiegler

©picture: Sandra Then

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