Monday, 1 May 2017

Fashion Revolution Day Zurich 2017

 Last week was the Fashion revolution week. Starting April 24, with the sad anniversary of the terrible tragedy at the rana plaza in Bangladesh in 2013, this week was dedicated to a more conscious and fair approach to fashion under the hashtag #whomademyclothes.
Saturday was the fashion revolution day in Zurich, where many conscious and sustainable fair fashion brands came together to present their fashion and raise awareness for how fashion is produced.
For us it is important to know exactly where and under what conditions the products we use and the fashion we wear are produced and we think it is very important that people are aware that nothing ever comes for free and so most of the times when a price seems too cheap to be true, it actually is on the expense of somebody else.
These brands do not only bring us fair, conscious and sustainable fashion at a fair price but also they are very transparent about the manufacturing route.
Beside the fair fashion markets there were also many workshops on how to reuse old clothes, how to produce zero waste washing powder and many more.

These are some of our impressions and only a small selection from all the wonderful brands from the Fashion Revolution Day in Zurich:

Jungle Folk

(every item is only produced upon request and it comes with a dustbag that declares every minute of work that was done for that specific item)

Nude Attitude

Felix Doll

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