Tuesday, 18 April 2017

BeautyLash | eyelash growth booster

When we discovered the BeautyLash eyelash growth booster we were skeptical at first as we have tried other eyelash serums before and were not always convinced by the results.
The serum activates the lash growth througu the natural ingredient black sea rod oil which is naturally found in Caribbean coral and extends the growth stage of the eyelashes naturally. It promises up to 75% longer lashes in only 6 weeks.
As it is the first eyelash serum we found with natural ingredients, we had to try it anyways and we were absolutely amazed. We applied the serum every night before going to bed like an eyeliner, especially in the beginning it is very important to use it regularly. After only a few weeks of using it our lashes were visibly longer, fuller and even thicker, the effect was so strong that even other people came up to us, asking if we had lash extensions or (for her) fake lashes on.
We have tried other serums before but this is by far the one that is most effective and has impressed us the most, with no unwanted side effects. We will definitely get another one.
The BeautyLash eyelash growth booster is fragrance- prostamid- and paraben-free and dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested and we did not have any unwanted side effects.
One bottle lasts up to 6 months.

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