Saturday, 25 February 2017

Theater Basel | Mittagswende. Die Stunde der Spurlosen (the break of noon)

The break of noon at the Theater Basel is a commissioned play by Anja Hilling after Paul Claudel.
Directed by Julia Hölscher, the break of noon is a play about restlessness and constant self-questioning. Through three acts taking place in three different extreme situations (the first act on a ship to China, the second act in a cemetery in Hong Kong and the third act in a barricaded colonial house in the south of China), the four protagonists try to find their places in the world and define the relationships between each other.
All these situations have something extreme and ultimate you can not escape from, which makes the play very captivating and tense, the dialogues between the four characters are partly provocative, partly questioning but always very straightforward and powerful.
The play also addresses timeless elementary conflicts like the choice between career and family, exploring or settling down.
The stage setting changes with every act and the light creates different atmospheres matching the different situations, sometimes narrowing, sometimes creating a feeling of endlessness on stage.
We found the play thought provoking and the staging very artful.

production: Julia Hölscher
stage: Paul Zoller
costume: Janina Brinkmann
music: Martin Gantenbein
light: Roland Heid, Stefan Erny
dramatic composition: Stefanie Hackl

Nicola Kirsch as YSÉ
Nicola Fritzen as DE CIZ
Florian von Manteuffel as ALMARIC
Mario Fuchs as MESA

© pictures: Sandra Then

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