Sunday, 5 February 2017

LUSH | Valentines Day 2017

With the wonderful LUSH Valentines Day products, every day can be a Valentines Day.
After the Prince Charming Shower Gel and the Lover Lamp Bath Bomb from last year, we have chosen three more products we really liked from the collection.

The cupid bath bomb unites the scents of rose and bergamot and creates a wonderful floral and slightly citrusy scent.
It turns the bath water in beautiful shades of pink and leaves the skin soft and soothed.

The two hearts beating as one bath melt with the sensual scent of Ylang Ylang and rose oils, melt slowly in the hot bath water and cover the skin gently with hydrating almond oil and rich argan oil. It creates a wonderfully relaxing bathing experience and you can use the bath melt for more than one bath.

The Rose Bombshell bath bomb has an incredibly intense scent of roses we absolutely love and that lingers on your skin for a very long time after the bath. When you drop it into the bath tub after a little while beautiful rose petals appear in the bath water while turning the water into a strong pink.

All of these products are vegan.

Waste is LUSH's big topic for the year 2017, as we are already used to the LUSH bath bombs or massage bars and many more products are sold in the shops without individual packaging.
Lush offers a variety of products that do not produce any waste as an alternative to the products we are used to, like shampoo bars as an alternative to shampoo in a bottle. Not only do they reduce our waste but also they are very long lasting, 1 shampoo bar lasts as long as three bottles of liqued shampoo.
During the year LUSH will start and support many different projects around the topic of waste and therefore also sustainability, which we think is fantastic as these are major topics and taking care for our environment and the planet is something that is also very important to us.

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