Saturday, 21 January 2017

Theater Basel | Paradise lost #3

Unlike the first two parts (Paradise Lost #1, and Paradise Lost #2 ), the third part of the Paradise Lost series was very interactive. The audience was part of the play, and it was an evening that appealed to all of the senses - seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting.
The evening was based on the concept of paradise as a garden, the interaction of the inside and the outside, about environmentalism, politics and activism.
In search of balance and being one with oneself and nature there are two ways that are offered by the actors, fight or retreat.
The audience is a key element of Paradise Lost #3 and gets motivated by the actors to perform various different exercises. The leading character of the evening (Daniel Cremer) uses a very special language to communicate with the audience; the language is called Fremdsprache which means foreign language and was developed by Daniel Cremer. Fremdsprache is a mix of different languages and invented words, it is a type of communication that allows you to communicate situational and emotional.
Understanding through not understanding, therefore you begin to focus on many other things.
The audience followed the actors through several stations, in the foyer, on stage and outside the theater.
During the evening, many questions were raised. How do we deal with current political and ecological problems like global warming, racism, scarcity of resources?
Where does the individual end and where does the collective begin? How many people are needed to make a change in the world?
For us paradise lost #3 was an incredibly thought provoking and interesting evening. It was not only a theme night about the current problems in the world but we see it also as a kind of a social experiment. We found it very impressive how fast it was possible to get a group of strangers to follow you and perform a range of bizarre exercises, how fast a feeling of togetherness was created and a group dynamic emerged.
It was a very intense theater visit and we really felt more like being part of a workshop than being the audience to a play.
We are looking forward to Paradise Lost #4.

ensemble: Daniel Cremer, Leonie Merlin Young, Ingo Tomi, Rolf Romei 

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