Thursday, 12 January 2017

Theater Basel | Goldrausch (gold rush)

Gold rush at the Theater Basel is a play by Guillermo Calderón after Blaise Cendrars novel "gold".
Johann August Sutter travels to California to escape from his debts, where he becomes incredibly rich cultivating his own land. After one of his employees finds gold, the gold rush begins and the land gets flooded by people from all over the world who want to become rich fast and easy.
As the invaders take over the farm and leave the land poor after the gold rush, Sutter loses everything.

Guillermo Calderón's gold rush plays today, at a movie set where a moderately successful director tries to make a movie about Johann August Sutter.
As his past movies where not very successful, he decides to add some contemporary factors to the story, to make it the success he has always hoped for.
It turns out his co-workers are not too happy about his change of plans.

The play is very entertaining and the historical facts are mixed with contemporary problems. The music is live, during the play the actors come together from time to time to sing a song, accompanied by a guitar or even violins.

It is a play about ambition, life goals, success and loss and many of the "Sutter traits" can be found easily in the modern characters.

production: Guillermo Calderón
stage and costume: Anna Sophia Röpcke 
light: Stefan Erny
dramatic composition: Almut Wagner

Inga Eickemeier as GRETA, THE ACTRESS
Vincent Glander as ERIK, THE MALE MODEL
Leonie Merlin Young as MARLENE, THE FEMALE MODEL

film crew: Patricia Eisele, Anne-Catherine Knöchelmann
moderator: Ana Castaño Almendral

© pictures: Simon Hallström

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