Saturday, 28 January 2017

Theater Basel | Don Giovanni

Mozart's Don Giovanni at the Theater Basel is a co-production with the English National Opera London. The production is directed by the British director Richard Jones and is conducted by Music Director Erik Nielsen.

That the seducer Don Giovanni knows no boundaries, was already clear after the first scene, where no woman passing by can resist him, and he takes one after the other into his "love nest" and lets his loyal servant Leporello close the door behind them.
Walls and doors connect different rooms or areas on stage and are a very important element of the opera, as they allow scenes to take place simultaneously and the play to switch quickly between the different scenes by moving the walls with the doors.

After murdering the father of Donna Anna (one of his affairs), the daughter and her fiancee try to revenge his death. Don Giovanni - who is not concerned with the consequences of his behaviour very much - always gets away from his responsibility, and unlike in the original story he even gets away from the ghost of the murdered father through a deception in the end.

For us the dynamics and the energy of the story were very strong, the ensemble was not only singing but also acting brilliantly and moving fluently over the stage and through the storyline.
This production of Don Giovanni is timeless, as we think it is not clear whether it takes place at the end of the 18th century or somewhere in the 19th century. The only element that gives us a time frame is a public telephone booth and a telephone.
The topic of Don Giovanni is a timeless topic that raises questions about social boundaries, moral and values and personal freedom and responsibility.

Riccardo Fassi as DON GIOVANNI
Michael Hauenstein as THE COMMANDER
Kiandra Howarth as DONNA ANNA
Simon Bode as DON OTTAVIO
Anna Rajah as DONNA ELVIRA
Biagio Pizzuti as LEPORELLO
Nicholas Crawley as MASETTO
Maren Favela as ZERLINA
Mirjam Karvat as ELVIRAS MAID

choir of the Theater Basel
Symphony orchestra Basel
extras of the Theater Basel

musical direction: Erik Nielsen
production: Richard Jones
staging: Joe Austin
assistant: Sarah Fahie
stage: Paul Steinberg
costumes: Nicky Gillibrand, Deborah Andews
light: Mimi Jordan Sherin
choir: Henryk Polus
dramatic composition: Juliane Luster

pictures © Priska Ketterer

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