Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Løv | Organic Run for Løv tea

The organic Run for Løv tea is an invigorating, healthy drink perfect for all physical activities like yoga, fitness and running. Especially when practicing it is important to drink enough and the run for løv tea keeps you hydrated and is as delicious when it is served hot as it is cold.
It contains organic apple, hibiscus flower, rosehips, pomegranate, blackcurrant and goji berries.
When opening the tin can the wonderful fruity scent of the tea is immediately noticeable, it is very fresh and it also tastes very delicious, with a natural fruity sweetness.
The run for løv tea is caffeine-free so you can also enjoy it in the evening.

We love the løv teas, as they are made from only organic ingredients and are both delicious and also environmentally friendly. For many of the løv teas you can buy refill bags, so once your tin can is empty you don't have to buy a completely new box and can just get a refill package.

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