Sunday, 11 December 2016

Theater Basel | Drei Schwestern (three sisters)

The play three sisters by Anton Tschechow plays at the Theater Basel in an adaption by Simon Stone. 
Three sisters is the story of a family, of three sisters and one brother, their lives, their relationships, their problems and their dreams.
Whereas the original story takes place more than 100 years ago, Simon Stone's version of the three sisters is very contemporary and transferred to the present time, in the sense of the author who pointed out that all of his plays take place in the present time, therefore the present time of the show.
One year after the father's death the three daughters and their brother get back together in the families holiday home, to scatter the ashes of their dead father.
The whole play takes place in and around this house and the stage is very impressive. There is a real house built on stage that rotates around its axis from time to time, there is everything, from a fully functioning bathroom with toilet and shower to a kitchen and electronic devices.
Central in the play are the relationships between the different characters and their everyday problems, which is exactly the reason why we (the audience) can identify so much with the different characters.
The plot does not suggest you who is one of the good ones and who is one of the bad ones, it is easy to understand all of the characters at some point, or precisely vice versa, to not understand them.
We felt like watching a reality show taking place in front of our eyes, and as the stage changed with the change of season we felt like we accompanied the family for years.
 As most parts of the play take place inside the house and the different rooms we think it was also a big technical challenge so we can always hear the right actors speak and hear the sounds from the room where the act takes place.
Through the currency of the play, the topics where very present, which (as we think) made the play and the conversations between the characters thought provoking and animates you to reflect upon your own life and what is really important.
Simon Stone's three sisters is an absolutely amazing production and we love the way he stages the story. The rotating house, the music and light that create different atmospheres depending on the situations and the outstanding actors made it a play to remember.

production: Simon Stone
stage: Lizzie Clachan
costumes: Mel Page
music: Stefan Gregory
light: Cornelius Hunziker
dramatic composition: Constanze Kargl
translation: Martin Thomas Pesl

Barbara Horvath as OLGA
Franziska Hackl as MASCHA
Liliane Amuat as IRINA
Nicola Mastroberardino as ANDREJ
Cathrin Störmer as NATASCHA
Michael Wächter as THEODOR
Elias Eilinghoff as ALEXANDER
Simon Zagermann as VICTOR
Max Rothbart as NIKOLAI
Roland Koch as ROMAN
Florian von Manteuffel as HERBERT

© pictures: Sandra Then

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