Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Theater Basel | Das fliegende Klassenzimmer (the flying classroom)

The flying classroom, a play after Erich Kästner plays at the Theater Basel, staged by Daniela Kranz and Sabrina Hofer.
The children of the Kirchberg boarding school can't wait to leave the school for their Christmas holidays, but before they have many adventures ahead of them. They have to defeat their enemies from the village secondary School, reunite their beloved teacher with his old friend, write dictation exercises and prepare the play "the flying classroom" for the school's Christmas celebrations.

The play is a combination of acting and singing and we think the stage is fantastic.
The songs are specially written by the Californian Ccomposer Jherek Bischoff and the live band (a string quartet and percussion) playing is sitting in something like a little box in the upper right corner of the stage, above the actual stage, all dressed in navy blue with white polka dots.
The play is mainly in Swiss German and is very entertaining and at the same time it inspires you to think about responsability, Courage, friendship and solidarity.

production and costume: Daniela Kranz
stage and costume: Viva Schudt
composition: Jherek Bischoff
musical direction: Oliver Rudin
musical assistance: Jennifer Rudin
light: HeidVoegelinLights
dramatic composition: Sabrina Hofer
theatre pedagogy: Martin Frank

Thomas Schweiberer as DR. JOHANN BÖKH (JUSTUS)
Ulla von Frankenberg as ULLA EGERLAND
Yves Mavambu / Nils Wolf as JONATHAN TROTZ (JOHNNY)
Hannah Spoeri / Fiamma Sarro as MARIE THALER
Julius Fintelmann / Erjon Blakaj as MATTHIAS SELBMANN (MATZ)
Jamiro Maritz / Olivier Janssen as ÛLRICH VON SIMMERN (ULI)
Yamila Klingler / Marielle Ullrich as SOPHIE FRANK
Cédric Straub / David Kindermann as THE BEAUTIFUL THEODOR / MICHAEL EGERLAND
Julia Nguyen / Elin Vankan as ANTONIA FEDERSPIEL (TONI)
Max Gisler / Max Kogon as FRIDOLIN MEISTER

© pictures: Simon Hallström

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