Saturday, 3 December 2016

NONIQUE | intensive moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

NONIQUE is a German brand that produces only 100% natural cosmetics, free from animal testing and with a conscious and sustainable production.
After a trip to Panama, the founder of nonique, Reinhard Krinke, bought his own organic farm in Panama where he grew his ingredients like Noni plants and Aloe Vera plants.
The name NONIQUE comes from the carribean Noni plant that has an anti-inflammatory and an antibacterial effect and has a very good skin tolerance. It is the foundation of the NONIQUE products.
The production is in Germany, all of the products are Natrue certified and vegan.
NONIQUE has three care concepts for the different needs of the different skin types, the beauty and anti-aging concept, the intensive moisturizing concept and the extreme energy concept.

The intensive moisturizing shampoo and conditioner contain organic olive oil and organic avocado for a highly moisturizing effect and have a very fresh and citrusy scent we think is wonderful.
The shampoo cleanses the hair gently and provides intensive care.
The conditioner moisturizes the hair deeply and leaves it with a beautiful natural shine, very soft and the hair can be combed easily, without being weighed down.
We have been using both products for a while now and we love how healthy and beautiful our hair looks and feels.

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