Tuesday, 20 December 2016

LUSH | Christmas 2016

For Christmas 2016 lush has put together a range of wonderful products, some of them we already know from previous Christmases and some of the products completely new.
We love the lush bath bombs, especially during the cold winter days we think there is nothing more relaxing than a warm bath, some candles and a cup of tea.
These are our three favourite products from the 2016 Christmas collection.

The shoot for the stars bath bomb has a wonderful tender scent of honey with a citrusy touch. The bath bomb turns the water into a wonderful shimmering blue and the golden cocoa butter stars nourish the skin and leave it soft and moisturized.

The Snowie bubble bar is a new product, it is easy to see that Snowie is an hommage to David Bowie. The citrusy scent is stimulating and uplifting and the rosy note creates a sensual atmosphere. You simply crumble it under the running water and enjoy the bubbles. The snowie bubble bar leaves your skin nourished and soft.

The northern lights bath bomb has a wonderful warm scent of jasmine and ylang ylang which we find very calming and sensual. It creates a beautiful play of colours in the water and allows you to simply dream away.

The LUSH Christmas 2016 collection is completely self-preserving, meaning there are no preservatives used in the products.

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