Friday, 23 December 2016

Faber Castell | Colouring for relaxation

The Faber Castell Colouring for Relaxation set is a set of a colouring book with 50 motifs and 60 felt tip pens. We love to colour in mandalas or other motifs, to calm down after a stressful day or just to spend a rainy evening doing something creative.
When we first looked at the motifs in the book, we could not imagine that it would be possible to fill in such delicate motifs with a felt tip pen. But the Faber Castell pens have an incredibly fine tip which makes it possible to fill in even the smallest motifs. If the pen is held at a more shallow angle to the paper the lines get are broader, which makes it easy to also fill in bigger parts of the motif.
With the 60 pens there is a fantastic colour range, and you can lose yourself in colouring page after page of this wonderful book.

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