Tuesday, 13 December 2016

aoiro airdesign | colors japonica - yanagi iro scented candle

At the blickfang Zurich 2016 we discovered the brand aoiro airdesign (an atelier of olfactory design in Berlin & Tokyo) and immediately fell for the wonderful colors japonica candles.
The packaging of the candle is made with an incredible attention to detail, the candle is carefully wrapped in delicately-thin handmade washi paper and comes in a precious tailor-made Paulownia wooden box.
The packaging represents the traditional Japanese art of packaging and at the same time the culture of gift giving.
Colors japonica helps you discover beauty in your everyday life. Aoiro reinterpreted traditional Japanese colors into three distinctive scent compositions:
yanagi iro - color of the willow leaves
daidai iro - color of the citrus fruits
sora iro - color of the sky

The scents of all three candles are absolutely wonderful, tender and very natural and we especially liked the yanagi iro candle.

Yanagi iro, color of serenity, is described as balancing, lively and harmonious and we love how the scent is incredibly tender but still very intense and unforgettable.
It contains petitgrain, ylang ylang, ginger, grapefruit, saro and west indian sandalwood and has a slightly sweet but very earthy and a bit wooden scent.
The lightness of the scent makes it very intense and the simplicity of the candle makes it a real eye catcher.
The candle is hand poured in a translucent porcelaine cup and at first it may look like a simple white cup, but the golden detail on the label and the classic shape of the candle make it a piece of timeless beauty.

The candles are made from pure soy wax and all of the ingredients are the finest quality natural raw materials. The products are created and blended in Japan and Berlin.
Colors japonica is definitely a brand to remember when it comes to highest quality natural candles and we love how much culture, history and love for art and nature can be found in their products.

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