Saturday, 31 December 2016

Friday, 23 December 2016

Faber Castell | Colouring for relaxation

The Faber Castell Colouring for Relaxation set is a set of a colouring book with 50 motifs and 60 felt tip pens. We love to colour in mandalas or other motifs, to calm down after a stressful day or just to spend a rainy evening doing something creative.
When we first looked at the motifs in the book, we could not imagine that it would be possible to fill in such delicate motifs with a felt tip pen. But the Faber Castell pens have an incredibly fine tip which makes it possible to fill in even the smallest motifs. If the pen is held at a more shallow angle to the paper the lines get are broader, which makes it easy to also fill in bigger parts of the motif.
With the 60 pens there is a fantastic colour range, and you can lose yourself in colouring page after page of this wonderful book.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

LUSH | Christmas 2016

For Christmas 2016 lush has put together a range of wonderful products, some of them we already know from previous Christmases and some of the products completely new.
We love the lush bath bombs, especially during the cold winter days we think there is nothing more relaxing than a warm bath, some candles and a cup of tea.
These are our three favourite products from the 2016 Christmas collection.

The shoot for the stars bath bomb has a wonderful tender scent of honey with a citrusy touch. The bath bomb turns the water into a wonderful shimmering blue and the golden cocoa butter stars nourish the skin and leave it soft and moisturized.

The Snowie bubble bar is a new product, it is easy to see that Snowie is an hommage to David Bowie. The citrusy scent is stimulating and uplifting and the rosy note creates a sensual atmosphere. You simply crumble it under the running water and enjoy the bubbles. The snowie bubble bar leaves your skin nourished and soft.

The northern lights bath bomb has a wonderful warm scent of jasmine and ylang ylang which we find very calming and sensual. It creates a beautiful play of colours in the water and allows you to simply dream away.

The LUSH Christmas 2016 collection is completely self-preserving, meaning there are no preservatives used in the products.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

aoiro airdesign | colors japonica - yanagi iro scented candle

At the blickfang Zurich 2016 we discovered the brand aoiro airdesign (an atelier of olfactory design in Berlin & Tokyo) and immediately fell for the wonderful colors japonica candles.
The packaging of the candle is made with an incredible attention to detail, the candle is carefully wrapped in delicately-thin handmade washi paper and comes in a precious tailor-made Paulownia wooden box.
The packaging represents the traditional Japanese art of packaging and at the same time the culture of gift giving.
Colors japonica helps you discover beauty in your everyday life. Aoiro reinterpreted traditional Japanese colors into three distinctive scent compositions:
yanagi iro - color of the willow leaves
daidai iro - color of the citrus fruits
sora iro - color of the sky

The scents of all three candles are absolutely wonderful, tender and very natural and we especially liked the yanagi iro candle.

Yanagi iro, color of serenity, is described as balancing, lively and harmonious and we love how the scent is incredibly tender but still very intense and unforgettable.
It contains petitgrain, ylang ylang, ginger, grapefruit, saro and west indian sandalwood and has a slightly sweet but very earthy and a bit wooden scent.
The lightness of the scent makes it very intense and the simplicity of the candle makes it a real eye catcher.
The candle is hand poured in a translucent porcelaine cup and at first it may look like a simple white cup, but the golden detail on the label and the classic shape of the candle make it a piece of timeless beauty.

The candles are made from pure soy wax and all of the ingredients are the finest quality natural raw materials. The products are created and blended in Japan and Berlin.
Colors japonica is definitely a brand to remember when it comes to highest quality natural candles and we love how much culture, history and love for art and nature can be found in their products.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Theater Basel | Drei Schwestern (three sisters)

The play three sisters by Anton Tschechow plays at the Theater Basel in an adaption by Simon Stone. 
Three sisters is the story of a family, of three sisters and one brother, their lives, their relationships, their problems and their dreams.
Whereas the original story takes place more than 100 years ago, Simon Stone's version of the three sisters is very contemporary and transferred to the present time, in the sense of the author who pointed out that all of his plays take place in the present time, therefore the present time of the show.
One year after the father's death the three daughters and their brother get back together in the families holiday home, to scatter the ashes of their dead father.
The whole play takes place in and around this house and the stage is very impressive. There is a real house built on stage that rotates around its axis from time to time, there is everything, from a fully functioning bathroom with toilet and shower to a kitchen and electronic devices.
Central in the play are the relationships between the different characters and their everyday problems, which is exactly the reason why we (the audience) can identify so much with the different characters.
The plot does not suggest you who is one of the good ones and who is one of the bad ones, it is easy to understand all of the characters at some point, or precisely vice versa, to not understand them.
We felt like watching a reality show taking place in front of our eyes, and as the stage changed with the change of season we felt like we accompanied the family for years.
 As most parts of the play take place inside the house and the different rooms we think it was also a big technical challenge so we can always hear the right actors speak and hear the sounds from the room where the act takes place.
Through the currency of the play, the topics where very present, which (as we think) made the play and the conversations between the characters thought provoking and animates you to reflect upon your own life and what is really important.
Simon Stone's three sisters is an absolutely amazing production and we love the way he stages the story. The rotating house, the music and light that create different atmospheres depending on the situations and the outstanding actors made it a play to remember.

production: Simon Stone
stage: Lizzie Clachan
costumes: Mel Page
music: Stefan Gregory
light: Cornelius Hunziker
dramatic composition: Constanze Kargl
translation: Martin Thomas Pesl

Barbara Horvath as OLGA
Franziska Hackl as MASCHA
Liliane Amuat as IRINA
Nicola Mastroberardino as ANDREJ
Cathrin Störmer as NATASCHA
Michael Wächter as THEODOR
Elias Eilinghoff as ALEXANDER
Simon Zagermann as VICTOR
Max Rothbart as NIKOLAI
Roland Koch as ROMAN
Florian von Manteuffel as HERBERT

© pictures: Sandra Then

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Theater Basel | Das fliegende Klassenzimmer (the flying classroom)

The flying classroom, a play after Erich Kästner plays at the Theater Basel, staged by Daniela Kranz and Sabrina Hofer.
The children of the Kirchberg boarding school can't wait to leave the school for their Christmas holidays, but before they have many adventures ahead of them. They have to defeat their enemies from the village secondary School, reunite their beloved teacher with his old friend, write dictation exercises and prepare the play "the flying classroom" for the school's Christmas celebrations.

The play is a combination of acting and singing and we think the stage is fantastic.
The songs are specially written by the Californian Ccomposer Jherek Bischoff and the live band (a string quartet and percussion) playing is sitting in something like a little box in the upper right corner of the stage, above the actual stage, all dressed in navy blue with white polka dots.
The play is mainly in Swiss German and is very entertaining and at the same time it inspires you to think about responsability, Courage, friendship and solidarity.

production and costume: Daniela Kranz
stage and costume: Viva Schudt
composition: Jherek Bischoff
musical direction: Oliver Rudin
musical assistance: Jennifer Rudin
light: HeidVoegelinLights
dramatic composition: Sabrina Hofer
theatre pedagogy: Martin Frank

Thomas Schweiberer as DR. JOHANN BÖKH (JUSTUS)
Ulla von Frankenberg as ULLA EGERLAND
Yves Mavambu / Nils Wolf as JONATHAN TROTZ (JOHNNY)
Hannah Spoeri / Fiamma Sarro as MARIE THALER
Julius Fintelmann / Erjon Blakaj as MATTHIAS SELBMANN (MATZ)
Jamiro Maritz / Olivier Janssen as ÛLRICH VON SIMMERN (ULI)
Yamila Klingler / Marielle Ullrich as SOPHIE FRANK
Cédric Straub / David Kindermann as THE BEAUTIFUL THEODOR / MICHAEL EGERLAND
Julia Nguyen / Elin Vankan as ANTONIA FEDERSPIEL (TONI)
Max Gisler / Max Kogon as FRIDOLIN MEISTER

© pictures: Simon Hallström

Saturday, 3 December 2016

NONIQUE | intensive moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

NONIQUE is a German brand that produces only 100% natural cosmetics, free from animal testing and with a conscious and sustainable production.
After a trip to Panama, the founder of nonique, Reinhard Krinke, bought his own organic farm in Panama where he grew his ingredients like Noni plants and Aloe Vera plants.
The name NONIQUE comes from the carribean Noni plant that has an anti-inflammatory and an antibacterial effect and has a very good skin tolerance. It is the foundation of the NONIQUE products.
The production is in Germany, all of the products are Natrue certified and vegan.
NONIQUE has three care concepts for the different needs of the different skin types, the beauty and anti-aging concept, the intensive moisturizing concept and the extreme energy concept.

The intensive moisturizing shampoo and conditioner contain organic olive oil and organic avocado for a highly moisturizing effect and have a very fresh and citrusy scent we think is wonderful.
The shampoo cleanses the hair gently and provides intensive care.
The conditioner moisturizes the hair deeply and leaves it with a beautiful natural shine, very soft and the hair can be combed easily, without being weighed down.
We have been using both products for a while now and we love how healthy and beautiful our hair looks and feels.