Saturday, 5 November 2016

Theater Basel | Retten, was zu retten ist (save what can be saved)

Save what can be saved at the Theater Basel is a commissioned play by Phillipe Heule.
It is about four amateur protagonists that have been for 15 years now playing a model family, constantly advertising products. They all don't really feel at ease with their roles but have gotten used to it, starting to mix up their personal and their professional lifes.
Only aiming for perfection they get caught up in a whirl of always wanting more, better things and in the end perfection, only to realize that perfection is not fulfilling and that .
The play confronts us with many problems of todays society like greed, the unfulfilled desire for self realization and the consumer society, presented in a funny and sometimes exaggerated but still thought provoking way.
Save what can be saved is a great piece with fantastic actors and is very entertaining.

Nicola Kirsch as MUM
Nicola Fritzen as DAD
Leonie Merlin Young as MONI
Mario Fuchs as MAXI
Florian Jahr as MORITZ

production: Felicitas Brucker
stage: Viva Schudt
costumes: Benjamin Burgunder
music: Patric Catani
lighting designer: HeidVoegelinLights
dramatic composition: Constanze Kargl

©pictures: Simon Hallström

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