Thursday, 17 November 2016

Theater Basel | Paradise Lost #2

After Paradise Lost #1, the second part of the Paradise Lost series is dedicated to our immediate surrounding, the Theaterplatz in Basel.
The Theaterplatz is the stage for a music-performance by Schorsch Kamerun (a German singer, author and theatre director).
The audience sits inside, behind the glass doors, facing the Theaterplatz outside.
Before the performance startet, every visitor received headphones, through these we were able to hear the music, the sound effects and the speaking / singing.
Outside on the Theaterplatz a performance takes place, that is directly streamed onto two large black and white screens inside.
There are many people involved and different scenes are set up and removed during the performance very fluently.
That way we were watching what was happening live outside, but at the same time we were able to see it from a different perspective on screen.
The main subject of the evening is the densification of cities, the cultures and subcultures that are surrounding us and are constantly changing and developing.
We think Paradise Lost #2 was a fantastic evening that had us reflect on our city and our surroundings. We loved the installation with the screens and the headphones as we felt it is like a merger of live performance and on-screen performance, two sides of art that sometimes even have to compete with each other.

Paradise Lost #2:
scenic arrangement: Katrin Hammerl

© picture: Theater Basel

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