Thursday, 24 November 2016

Salto Natale | Luna (2016)

In this years show Luna, Salto Natale by Gregory and Rolf Knie takes the audience on a trip to the moon.
It all begins with the search for a love that has been deemed lost, a huge full moon in the back and the fantastic singer (Patrick Scott) singing a beautiful version of hello darkness my old friend. From the first moment on the show is dreamy and magical and we think Luna is an absolutely beautiful and enchanting show.
Salto Natale never ceases to impress with acts unlike anything we have seen before, like Eddy Carello with his rhythmical juggling, the acrobats from the Wuhan squad or Evgeny Slepukhin with his balancing act as a sleeping man on the moon.
The artists come from all around the world and the youngest of them is only 13, Svyatoslav Rasshivkin who performs mesmerizing aerobatics.
The shows music is wonderful and the live band and singer are outstanding, also the dancers are fantastic, wearing beautiful dresses.
The pantomime Julian Cottereau takes us along on his trip to the moon and leads us through the whole evening, together with the young acrobat Svyatoslav Rasshivkin who's performance is the opening act.

Duo Rose, trapeze

Svyatoslav Rasshivkin, aerobatics

Evgeny Slepukhin, balancing act

Luna, the 14th Salto Natale Show plays from the 17th November 2016 until the 2nd January 2017 in Zurich-Kloten.

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