Sunday, 27 November 2016

20 years blickfang Zurich - international design fair

For the 20th time the blickfang took place in Zurich this year. During three days, more than 200 designers (more than 100 new exhibitors) present their exceptional products, from handcrafted furniture, fair fashion, handmade jewelry and accessories and loads of stylish interior design products there is everything at the blickfang and you can spend hours rummaging through the fair, always discovering something new.

For this years anniversary edition, the studio Besau-Marguerre staged a banquet table right at the entrance with a limited edition tablecloth, created specially for the blickfang design fair.

Every brand created their own little booth in a unique way to represent their products, the Swiss brand Freitag even brought their own little garden to the fair. As their clothes are made from hemp, linen and modal grown in Europe and all the clothes are 100% compostable, they brought a wooden box with hemp plants, linen plants and a beech tree.

Among all the booths at the blickfang, there where three special corners this year, the local corner, where young local designers had the possibility to present their products, a dutch corner for selected dutch designers and a Ticino corner for designers from Ticino, Switzerland.
These are some impressions from the 20th blickfang in Zurich and in the following weeks we will present some of our favourite products more detailed.

innesti vessels by Sofia Lazzeri, Ticino Switzerland, unique pieces that unite glass and textile

abc porcelain mugs and plates by ilaria.i, designed and manufactured in Italy

a handmade glass by the Swiss brand Glaslabor that allows you to watch the plant grow

the link shelf system by Studio Hausen that can be constructed individually
atelier volvox copper vases, handmade in Switzerland

atelier volvox copper vase, handmade in Switzerland

unique lamps made from extremely thin real wood veneer by the German brand woodmosphere

beautiful leather bags by Atelier S&R

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Salto Natale | Luna (2016)

In this years show Luna, Salto Natale by Gregory and Rolf Knie takes the audience on a trip to the moon.
It all begins with the search for a love that has been deemed lost, a huge full moon in the back and the fantastic singer (Patrick Scott) singing a beautiful version of hello darkness my old friend. From the first moment on the show is dreamy and magical and we think Luna is an absolutely beautiful and enchanting show.
Salto Natale never ceases to impress with acts unlike anything we have seen before, like Eddy Carello with his rhythmical juggling, the acrobats from the Wuhan squad or Evgeny Slepukhin with his balancing act as a sleeping man on the moon.
The artists come from all around the world and the youngest of them is only 13, Svyatoslav Rasshivkin who performs mesmerizing aerobatics.
The shows music is wonderful and the live band and singer are outstanding, also the dancers are fantastic, wearing beautiful dresses.
The pantomime Julian Cottereau takes us along on his trip to the moon and leads us through the whole evening, together with the young acrobat Svyatoslav Rasshivkin who's performance is the opening act.

Duo Rose, trapeze

Svyatoslav Rasshivkin, aerobatics

Evgeny Slepukhin, balancing act

Luna, the 14th Salto Natale Show plays from the 17th November 2016 until the 2nd January 2017 in Zurich-Kloten.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Theater Basel | Robin Hood

The ballet director Richard Wherlock created his own version of Robin Hood at the Theater Basel.
In his story, Robin Hood is not a fighter for social justice but a member of Londons glamorous East End upper class in 1960, where he finds himself confronted with corruption, power abuse and violence.
After the chief of police gets abducted by the gangster brothers Ron and Reg Twin, the Merry Men (consisting of Robin hood and his friends) decide to fight against the Twin brother's criminal activities.
Robin falls in love with the daughter of the chief of police, but after losing a dart-battle against the Twin brothers they abduct her too and now it is the Merry Men's duty to save both her and her father.

Richard Wherlock's Robin Hood appears as a mix of James Bond, West Side Story and the swinging sixties spirit, which leads to a very vivacious and colourful evening with an incredibly strong choreography.
Also a part of the evening was the studio Operavenir, the young opera singers at the Theater Basel who where singing in some scenes, which created a very special contrast to the rather fast and modern music during most of the play.
We absolutely loved the music (by William Alwyn, John Barry, Arthur Bliss, Edward Elgar, Giles Farnaby, Edward German, Gustav Holst, Thomas Tomkins and many more) and the sixties costumes, and whereas the first part was more entertaining, with group dances and very spirited and humorous scenes, we felt like the second part was more expressive and incredibly strong.
Robin Hood is a very modern ballet with outstanding dancers and an incredible energy on stage and
even though the story is completely modernized to the sixties, the central statement remains the same, that love will always take over from hate.

choreography: Richard Wherlock
musical direction: Thomas Herzog
stage: Bruce French
costume: Catherine Voeffray
light: Jordan Tuinman
video: Bruce French, Tabea Rothfuchs

Jorge Garcia Pérez as ROBIN HOOD
Andrea Tortosa Vidal as MARIAN
Florent Mollet as THE CHIEF OF POLICE
Max Zachrisson as WILL
Frank Fannar Pedersen as LITTLE JOHN
Mirko Campigotto as TUCK
Diego Benito Gutierrez as GEORGE
Debora Maiques Marin as AMY
Annabelle Peintre as PAM, WILLS GIRLFRIEND

Sergio Bustinduy as RON TWIN
Javier Rodriguez Cobos as REG TWIN
Anthony Ramiandrisoa as TONI
Alba Carbonell Castillo as JENNY, TONIS GIRLFRIEND

people on the street, in the pub, policemen:
Camille Aublé, Sol Bilbao Lucuix, Vivian de Britto Schiller, Alba Carbonell Castillo, Lydia Caruso, Luna Mertens, Annabelle Peintre, Raquel Rey Ramos, Tana Rosás Suné, Marina Sanchez Garrigós, Dévi-Azélia Selly, Ster Slijkhuis, Sidney Elizabeth Turtschi, Ruben Banol Herrera, Diego Benito Gutierrez, David Castelló Garcia, Julian Juarez Castan, Florent Mollet, Alessandro Navarro Barbeito

the family Smith:
from the opera studios Operavenir:
soprano: Ye Eun Choi
mezzo-soprano: Sofia Pavone
bass: José Coca Loza

tenor: Giacomo Schiavo
countertenor: Max Riebl

© picture: Ismael Lorenzo

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Theater Basel | Paradise Lost #2

After Paradise Lost #1, the second part of the Paradise Lost series is dedicated to our immediate surrounding, the Theaterplatz in Basel.
The Theaterplatz is the stage for a music-performance by Schorsch Kamerun (a German singer, author and theatre director).
The audience sits inside, behind the glass doors, facing the Theaterplatz outside.
Before the performance startet, every visitor received headphones, through these we were able to hear the music, the sound effects and the speaking / singing.
Outside on the Theaterplatz a performance takes place, that is directly streamed onto two large black and white screens inside.
There are many people involved and different scenes are set up and removed during the performance very fluently.
That way we were watching what was happening live outside, but at the same time we were able to see it from a different perspective on screen.
The main subject of the evening is the densification of cities, the cultures and subcultures that are surrounding us and are constantly changing and developing.
We think Paradise Lost #2 was a fantastic evening that had us reflect on our city and our surroundings. We loved the installation with the screens and the headphones as we felt it is like a merger of live performance and on-screen performance, two sides of art that sometimes even have to compete with each other.

Paradise Lost #2:
scenic arrangement: Katrin Hammerl

© picture: Theater Basel

Monday, 14 November 2016

Design Letters | Arne Jacobsen Cups

The Danish company Design Letters created beautiful simple porcelain cups with letters on them. The typography used was originally created in 1937 by the Danish architect Arne Jacobsen for internal signage at the Aarhus City Hall and Design Letters has received permission to revive the typography on a whole series of design interior.
The cup is made from fine bone China porcelain and is 9cm high with a diameter of 8.3cm and you can chose from all the letters of the alphabet.
The cups are very multifunctional and can be used as an actual cup or also to store pencils or you can even put flowers in it.
What we love about the cups is that you can put a candle inside and the light will shine through the porcelain, making your letter(s) glow in the dark.

The cups are an eye-catcher either way, if you just place them somewhere alone or if you combine many of them to create whole words.
Design Letters also created other products with Arne Jacobsen's typography, like bigger jars, cutlery, bowls, plates or a milk jug and for the cups there are wooden cups in different colours available.
We think the simple and straight design of the cups is very modern and still timeless and we like that they can be used in so many different ways.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Theater Basel | Retten, was zu retten ist (save what can be saved)

Save what can be saved at the Theater Basel is a commissioned play by Phillipe Heule.
It is about four amateur protagonists that have been for 15 years now playing a model family, constantly advertising products. They all don't really feel at ease with their roles but have gotten used to it, starting to mix up their personal and their professional lifes.
Only aiming for perfection they get caught up in a whirl of always wanting more, better things and in the end perfection, only to realize that perfection is not fulfilling and that .
The play confronts us with many problems of todays society like greed, the unfulfilled desire for self realization and the consumer society, presented in a funny and sometimes exaggerated but still thought provoking way.
Save what can be saved is a great piece with fantastic actors and is very entertaining.

Nicola Kirsch as MUM
Nicola Fritzen as DAD
Leonie Merlin Young as MONI
Mario Fuchs as MAXI
Florian Jahr as MORITZ

production: Felicitas Brucker
stage: Viva Schudt
costumes: Benjamin Burgunder
music: Patric Catani
lighting designer: HeidVoegelinLights
dramatic composition: Constanze Kargl

©pictures: Simon Hallström

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Dr. Hauschka | moor lavender calming body oil

For us the Dr. Hauschka moor lavender calming body oil is a perfect winter product.
After a long day out in the cold, after a hot shower or bath or just before going to sleep you can give your skin an extra treatment and wrapped in the scent of lavender you can relax and feel comfortable.
You have to shake the body oil before using it as the ingredients may separate a bit, which is absolutely normal. You can either apply it on damp skin after taking a bath or a shower but you can also apply it on dry skin, both ways it soaks into the skin very quickly, leaving it nourished, and with an incredibly soft protective layer, without the oil being heavy or sticky on the skin.
We think the scent is absolutely wonderful, it is very natural and the lavender scent is as fresh as if you just brushed over a lavender bush with your hands.