Thursday, 13 October 2016

Theater Basel | Paradise Lost

Paradise lost is a series of evenings at the Theater Basel, contributed to different aspects of life that are in one way or another problematic, like the refugee crisis, the financial crisis, terror and our understandings of justice, equality and personal or national identity.
The first evening (#1) was a panoramic view of contemporary dramatic art, brought to the audience as a staged reading, raising topics that will be deepened in the following evenings of Paradise Lost.
In the second part of the first Paradise Lost evening there was a talk between philosopher and social scientist Sven Hillenkamp and sociology professor Manuela Boatc─â.
The main subject was the content of Sven Hillenkamp's new book "Negative Moderne" (negative modernity) which is about the five categories value, time, action, possibilities and otherness.
For us the first evening was very thought provoking and time was just flying by, Paradise Lost sheds light on areas of life most of us are aware of, but in our everyday-lifes we hardly ever look deeper into them.
Paradise Lost offers a platform that allows the audience to take a closer look and get to know more about these areas of concern in a combination between the artistic part and the theory and we are looking forward to the other parts of the series.
#2 will be on November 16th 2016 at the Theater Basel.

Paradise Lost #1:
scenic arrangement: Katrin Hammerl
stage: Frederike Malke, Anne Wallucks
costume: Valentina Mercedes Obergantschnig
video: Tabea Rothfuchs
light: Stefan Erny
dramatic composition: Stefanie Hackl, Katrin Michaels

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