Sunday, 16 October 2016

TEATOX | skinny detox tea

The latest addition to our teas is the Teatox Skinny Detox tea, an organic green tea with organically farmed herbs.
The tea is delicious and has a very fresh scent and a spicy-sweet note due to the ginger root.
We only have the organic morning tea, but it can also be bought in a set to do a 14-days detox-treatment, where you drink the morning tea in the morning and the night tea in the evening, for an even stronger detoxifying effect.
As tea lovers we prefer to choose our teas by what we feel like in the moment, so at the moment we are not drinking the skinny detox tea on a daily basis. We love that the skinny detox tea is organic and we drink it whenever we feel like cleansing our body for a detoxifying effect.
Teatox has a wide range of high-quality teas for a healthy body, mind and soul and we are looking forward to try more Teatox products.

green maté leaves
sencha green tea
ginger root
goji berries
nettle leaves
dandelion root
birch leaves
horsetail herbs
goldenrod herbs

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