Saturday, 24 September 2016

Theater Basel | B | E (Dance evening by Joëlle Bouvier and Alexander Ekman)

 B | E is a dance evening with works by Joëlle Bouvier and Alexander Ekman, two leading contemporary choreographers.

Swiss choreographer Joëlle Bouvier presents her work Jeanne d'Arc in a beautiful and very powerful way. The choreography tells us the story of the two sides of Jeanne d'Arc, the vulnerable and innocent girl and the strong leader of a whole army. These two completely opposite sides of her become tangible in a very touching choreography, that is not only showing us her story in a metaphorical way through dance but also in a narrative way, in a way that allows you to see the different stations of her life until the tragic ending.
We think Jeanne d'Arc is a very touching and emotional choreography and the dancers were outstanding.

The second part of the evening was Alexander Ekman's Cacti, a humorous choreography about the way people look at art. It is a fast-paced piece where 12 dancers (originally 16 dancers) perform on white square pedestals, a combination of live music (by Pacific Quartet Vienna), a voice speaking, the dancers making noises (like breathing, clapping, laughing) and recorded music.
In the 30 minutes of the impressive choreography Alexander Ekman shows us many different ways of movement in a very entertaining way, it is pure joy to watch the dancers perform in groups, alone or in pairs. As the name says, of course there are also Cacti in the choreography, in an exaggerated and very funny way. We think Cacti is absolutely fantastic and we love the way Ekman teases the audience with his choreography.

Especially the contrast between the two parts of B | E is what made the evening very special, allowing both parts to sink in individually. Unlike other ballet performances, B | E is showed at the Schauspielhaus at the Theater Basel, which we think is a very good location for these two choreographies, as the audience is closer to the stage and therefor the connection between audience and dancers is more intense.

Jeanne d'Arc:
choreography, stage, costumes: Joëlle Bouvier
music: Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
light: Jordan Tuinman, Joëlle Bouvier

Debora Maiques Marin, Tana Rosás Suné, Ayako Nakano, Ster Slijkhuis, Ruben Banol Herrera, Armando Braswell, Sergio Bustinduy, Mirko Campigotto, David Castelló Garcia, Jorge García Pérez, Julian Juarez Castan, Florent Mollet, Alessandro Navarro Barbeito, Frank Fannar Pedersen, Anthony Ramiandrisoa, Javier Rodriguez Cobos, Max Zachrisson

choreography, costumes: Alexander Ekman
stage designer: Alexander Ekman, Tom Visser
light: Tom Visser
text: Spenser Theberge
music: Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert
live music by Pacific Quartet Vienna

Alba Carbonell Castillo, Raquel Rey Ramos, Andrea Tortosa Vidal, Debora Maiques Marin, Sidney Elizabeth Turtschi, Dévi-Azélia Selly, Sol Bilbao Lucuix, Luna Mertens, Tana Rosás Suné, Lydia Caruso
Tana Rosás Suné and Frank Fannar Pedersen
Dévi-Azélia Selly and Anthony Ramiandrisoa
Andrea Tortosa Vidal and Javier Rodriguez Cobos

© pictures: Ismael Lorenzo

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