Thursday, 22 September 2016

Ohlala | Crazy, Sexy, Artistic

This years Ohlala Show Scandalo by Gregory and Rolf Knie was a breathtaking spectacle of aesthetic bodies, incredible artists, sensual dance, beautiful, elaborate costumes and wonderful music.
The sixth act of Ohlala did not cease to impress after the last few shows, every year we are surprised by new artistic acts, comedians and dancers and Scandalo is a wonderful, hot and unforgettable show.

Saulo Sarmientos aerial pole act was one of our favourite acts. We have never seen something like it and it was absolutely beautiful to watch him perform.

The dancers of Scandalo showed us more than one wonderful and sensual dance on stage, we really liked the part where they were all dancing together in tight white clothing and got sprayed with water, which made the clothes stick to the skin, emphasizing the body and the movements even more.

Pavel Stankevich, the handstand artist, has an incredible strength. His slow and precise movements on both or even just on one hand were incredible to watch.

Amongst these three there were many other fantastic artists, like the rubber man comedian Captain Frodo, who made us laugh and cringe at the same time, the Juggler Andrey Maslov who did not just juggle but combined it with dance and movements, the Duo Throwings who had us hold our breath more than once when he was spinning her through the air and many more.
The show was accompanied by the singer Black Gatsby who enchanted us with his versatile and wonderful voice all evening long.

Ohlala is playing in Dübendorf until 23 October.

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