Friday, 23 September 2016

LUSH | Halloween 2016

The LUSH Halloween collection 2016 is very colourful with a lot of green and orange and comes with the typical halloween elements like pumpkins, ghosts and little monsters.
Among all the great products like the green lord of misrule bath bomb that turns your water deep red or boo the little bath ghost that creates a mysterious fog when you throw it into the water, our two favourite products are the autumn leaf bath bomb (this one will be available until christmas) and the pumpkin bath bomb.

The autumn leaf bath bomb turns your bath water into a beautiful foamy autumn landscape, with the water changing from yellow, to red, orange and green and back.
The scent is absolutely enchanting, we love the earthy note of sandalwood in combination with the fresh citrusy scent of bergamot and this is definitely our number one bath bomb for fall.

The pumpkin bath bomb makes your bathtub look like a delicious pumpkin soup and the scent is very warm and even a bit spicy. 
Containing vanilla and cinnamon it reminds us of the scent when we are baking sweet winter biscuits and the palmarosa adds a floral note we like very much.

After a long time of researching and trying to find the perfect formula, LUSH managed to create the 2016 Halloween collection completely self-preserving, meaning that there are no preservatives used in the products, which we think is a fantastic step!
The LUSH 2016 halloween collection is available from September 23 2016.

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