Friday, 19 August 2016

Annemarie Börlind | 2 in 1 black mask

This summer Annemarie Börlind has added five new facial masks to their product range. One of them is the 2 in 1 black mask, containing pythoplankton to refine the pores and lilac to combat impurities.
The black mask is vegan and is perfect for combination skin.
We think it is a deeply relaxing treatment after a long day, cleaning the skin deeply and purifying it.
We like the mattifying effect the mask has on the skin and it leaves the skin clean and clear. 
After leaving it on for 10 to 15 minutes you wash it off gently with warm water and in circular movements. Like this you have a soft peeling effect that removes dead skin cells and stimulates the blood circulation.
The 2 in 1 black mask is one of our favourite masks from the 5 new Annemarie Börlind beauty masks, because it is very suitable for our skin, we love the tender floral scent of it and it is incredibly effective.

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